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Seniors at VGSOM....please refer to the post 613 in this thread and kindly do the needful .....i hv tried to contact the VGSOM authorities a number of times through mails ...but no reply from their side...please help...

just in case if no seniors are visiting this thread....2005 batch people can u help me with some contact IDs/phone nos. of seniors....

thanks and cheers

hi vikas,

here are some no.'s that might be of some help to u.......these r office no.s of vgsom.

Fax : + 91 3222 283874 / 278027,
Email: admissions @ vgsom.iitkgp.ernet.in

phone no.s -- + 91 3222 282295 / 282224 / 282296.

hey chickensoup

so do we finally take 20th july as a confirmed date.will we be recieveing any written info abt it? pleez reply soon as i need to get reservations in 2 trains simultaneously (no direct train from my city to kgp).and i wud be going for it today itself.



hi frnds,

i dont how much this info cud be useful........but i am also from MP,and last year i appeared for ATMA and the ATMA brochure showed the name of IMS indore.so i called them up to ask about this but they did not confirm it and told me that its still under consideration and asked me to appear for MPMJET (now MET),if i was interested in IMS.so this was the situation last year.maybe this year they might have started taking ATMA scores.
But i wud suggest all interested ppl to call them up and ask directly.


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i still hav'nt recd my confirmation yet..........can someone tell me how have u ppl got it.......by e-mail or by post ........are their others like me who havn't got it??


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if any of u recieve the check pleez inform us thru this thread and also tell that when u withdrew.so others can have an idea when they 'll get theirs.
BTW as per GRV's info 500+500 cheques have been sent....that means at least 1000 ppl have withdrawn.:wow: .and the no. definitely wud be higher.i think this wud be a big relief for those in the WL or those who r interested in hyd center.

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well i cald up at ibs hyd, n dey told me ki dey hv send d frst setta students of about 500 cheques ystrday n d remaining set of 500 or so dey will b sending it today...so lets wait n c ;)

hey thanks for the info.......that means i will get mine in the second set.i withdrew b4 the last of the last dates ie. b4 31st march....so ill be getting only 5k.

BTW aviator ,my dad too is after me for this.....even though i have told him that the check will come and we'll have to wait till may.
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Nils .. all the best for your exams ..

But cant resist myself to ask one question.. heard from some place that the Hostels for MBA will be Co-ed from this year .. is that true?

our seniors r already living in a co-ed hostel......so we wont be the first batch to live in a co-ed hostel.

i had been to kashmir ages ago, when there was no fighting......that was some time when i was in std 1....:) ........but i still remember visiting that place.....srinagar,pahalgam,shalimar garden et all.the dal lake and the boat house.we even dined in one of the boat houses.and there was no shortage of apples.........there was a tree loaded with apples at the guest house we stayed.the best memories are of the horse ride on the hills and we also got to see the place where the movie "betaab" starring sunny deol and amrita singh was shot.also the shikara ride with flower boats passing by was the best.and the ppl were also very friendly.
but sadly after so many years this paradise is getting destroyed.i can never forget that starting scene from the movie "mission kashmir" where they show a shikara being blown up amidst the dal lake setting. it was terribly disturbing. .

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hi there,

i too love C&H; and astrix and oblix, but garfield as well.any garfield fans ?

yes agreed....india has to show some roughness with the terrorist camps.i feel we have always been on the softer side.also about the recent visit by musharraf....i feel that the outcome wud be only 50%.it wud be mostly in the direction of trade and the rail and bus sevices.....and maybe the gas pipeline.but as far as the root of everything "kashmir" is concerned....i feel there cannot be a solution coz both sides dont compromise when it comes to talking about kashmir.there is still concern over making the LOC as the border.the kashmiris,given the choice wud want to join neither of the sides but have a separate state of their own.

well we dont know what outcome wud be of these meets but at least both the sides are opening up after years and it is touching to see that ppl on both sides have same feeling and concerns.i personally feel that we shudn't have any hatred as far a the ppl of that country are concerned.we have developed this kind of thinking since childhood.


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