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Surprised to see the pace on Brawn GP:wow:......hope there are lot of fireworks from Ferrari tomorrow and we have a competitive season ahead.


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i think u should rather apply for the NRI quota, there ur chances to convert the call will be high....
coz even if u will get a call from nirma under general quota, u have to perform very well in gd/pi because of ur low percentile and being a fresher!!!
yes we have few students from gulf countries but i dont know tht whether thy applied through NRI quota or GULF quota...
i will let u know more about this in a day or two.

Thank you very much for ur prompt response. i'll await ur reply..!!
deep_agrawal Says
If I am not wrong, the procedure to apply for this particular quota is separate and you are not required to give CAT necessarily. However, I will check out and let you know the detailed procedure. :)

hey,thanks for ur quick response. I have appeared for cat and am scoring around 91 overall which will translate around simillar percentile. So i just wanted to enquire if i could achieve a gd-pi call from nirma in the general quota and wat are my chances of converting it without any work-ex.Is this percentile a touch low for nirma??
I want to definately get into nirma this time, so if above general quota thing doesnot work out then i can play the trump of gulf quota. Also could u pls check whether the gulf quota comes under the category of PIO?
Also, do u know someone in ur batch who took addmission via PIO or gulf quota?

hi all..!!
could u pls throw some light on the children of parents working in the gulf?
wats the fee structure for them and wat was the cut off percentile for those candidates?

Hi All,

Is TOEFL required for Indians for the Babson application? Are there any exceptions? Can I apply without a TOEFL score? Please help.


Hamilton Stripped Of His Belgian GP Win

Revised race classification

Feeling sorry for Kimi, he drove a fantastic race - led for 41/44 laps and still came home with 0 points. :huh:

Hope luck favors him in the remaining races.:sarcasm:

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Hi puys,

Can anyone tell me when the night race at Singapore is scheduled to be held?

Thanks in advance,

It is on 28th September. For complete F1 calender, visit
The Official Formula 1 Website or
Home - Planet-F1 News - Formula One News, Kimi Raikkonen, Max Mosley, Pit Babes, Test Reports, Galleries & Live Coverage... from planet-f1.com

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A miserable weekend to say the least:
- Federer lost to Nadal
- India lost to Sri Lanka
- Kimi lost to Lewis

Nadal played excellent tennis yesterday as he has been doing over the years. His never-say-die attitude makes the lad special. Also, a great match and competitive tennis - Federer fightback was classic. Will Federer be able to regain his supreme form in the US open? He has never looked so vulnerable as in 2008 - No grand slam for the master yet.


These are troubled times:
- Inflation is at 11.05% - a 13 year peak :sad:
- The rift between PM and the Left over the nuclear deal is very very worrying - possibility of elections in November is looming large.
- Markets were down over 500 points on Friday due to inflation numbers. Credit and crude turmoil at the Wall street could pull down the markets further.

All in all, we are in for an interesting and rough ride.


tamGmat Says
Can anyone pls post the link for CFA L2 quick sheets, Question Bank Pro and Secret Sauce

Check out Akshat's post below and it should help: