• Kaushlendra Choudhery
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IIM Indore | 2012-14

My IIM Shillong Waitlist(SC) movement: 40>20>10> CONVERTED
Will not join because now i am an inhabitant of Planet-I, IIM Indore. so Waitlist moved by 1. ATB

IIM Indore | 2012-14

Converted... yeeeeee..
But will join IIM Indore

IIM Indore | 2012-14
1. Appendix Terms of Admission Offer
2. Letter of Acceptance.
3. Programme Fee and Payment Schedule.

I got the admission mail just now..just didnt understand the thing written above..it was at the very end of the mail.
no attachment has been enclosed with the mail..

Same case is with me too... no attachment.
IIM Indore | 2012-14

You have been provisionally selected for admission to PGP Batch 2012-2014 of IIM Indore.

Finally a dream come true.. yeeeeeeee...

IIM Indore | 2012-14

@Anil484... Guru aapki IIM C wali party bachi hai.. kab de rahe ho

IIM Indore | 2012-14

Bhai FMS nahi dala tha, will regret forever :'( :'(
VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur, converted

IIM Indore | 2012-14


DMS-IIT Delhi Result out, http://dms.iitd.ac.in/Main%20List%20%28Mba%20FT%29.pdf.. They selected total 160 condidates, but only 10 SCs. Whyyyyy????:shocked:
If we go by 15% reservation it should be 24 na..:nono:
Am i wrong somewhere??

PS: What if all 10 go to IIM???

IIM Indore | 2012-14

Ohhh.. One more reject.:( Waiting for WL..

IIM Indore | 2012-14
Surely it gets converted. SURE
But don't ask how/why?

Bhai mine is SC WL 40.. and same for me. My only hope..
u sure na.. ki convert ho jayega.???
IIM Indore | 2012-14
Update: Admissions 2012 Final Results to be declared on 26th April at 8PM .. what is this
IIM Indore | 2012-14