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Akshayghiya Says
Hi, I got an admission call from Balaji Institute of International Business as well as Indira Institute (both in Pune). Which is better? Plz reply.

BIIB is anytime better then Indira .... but I think In BIIB u get MBA-IB & in indira u get MBA-Gen. So, for specialization choice is yours....;)
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Hello IBSguys,
Yesterday I got mail from IBS that I am selected for IBS Hyd MBA program....
But, before a week I got ITM,Navi Mumbai PGDM program....
Now, plz can any one tell me what to do.....I have to Submit 80,000Rs within a week....& When the regular class will be start...???


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Hello All...
I am in delimia now....
Coz I got conform admissions from Amity Noida & ITM, Navi Mumbai...
So, Which I have to choose ...??
I am confused...?? Plz Plz guide me....

10 - 86%
12 - 73%
B.E Computer - 74% + 9month W.E.
Feb MAT - 96.59%

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lovesh tiku Says
I have been selected for the mba GEN program, i want to ask on what basis the batches for the program are being divided because Amity takes nearly 300 students and divides it into batch of 60 but what will be the criteria for that. is it on the basis of time of their admission or academic background or CAT/MAT score??

I also got MBA G of Amity Noida...& have same Query...:lookround:
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hello puys....
I gave my gd pi yesterday...& 2day i got mail that check ur status on microsite....& i got selected....

Now, i wanted to know several things....regarding amity....
1 total students for mba-g
2 stranth of class of mba-g
3 timing of study ...& sports...specially for horse riding......
4 howmuch i have 2 pay in first installment...??
5 latter any how i will cancle admission then how much money i get refund back.....????
6 what ab't hostel fees , facility....& raging...??? or should i have 2 stay outside campus.....????
7 placement of students with it as a speciallization.....coz i am computer eng. & wanted it as a specaillization.....

Thanx in advance.....

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From the posts it seems like ppl have already being selected for the July batch.... n the web site still shows application date as 15th April.... So does that mean that there are some seats still left to be filled?? n if yes... how many??

Also, With the batch size of 500... how are the classes divided??


Same Que I have in my mind...
Plz plz....Experienced ppl....Clear our Doubts...:
aj2789 Says
is there anyone for VCU program?


I am selected for CU VCU prog.... & I want Main Campus MBA.
I wont join it Coz they wont refund our fees if once paid....:drinking:Coz 3,35,000 is hard earned Amount of my parents....

What about You...???
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hey ppl
i was selected for mba(ibs hyd).
how do i apply for a refund now.
no one seems to be picking up calls or replying to emails.
ps: i am contacting on the nos and email id given on ibsat.org

How much Score U have....in IBSAT process....??
mbaaspirant111 Says
it means we are out frm ibs hyd race ????

Same Question here....We r Out frm Race...or not...???:drinking::drinking::drinking:

Any one Plz Plz...Give conform status reading this issue...

Can anyone tell me Regarding last date of application...It shows April 15, 2011 & for me it is not possible to send my application on that date...It will 2-3 days more....
Will they accept it...??

Feb Mat 2011 : 96.59%
B.E. Computer : 74.51%
12th : 72.33%
10th : 86.71%

What are my chances to get call...???
What is procedure to get through....???
What are the dates of GD/PI session...???

Plz Plz...Guys..Help Me ...
ThankX in Advance.....