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If you are wondering which Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 toppers are heading to, here's the news: * Toppers (100 percentilers) * * Converted * Areesh Mittal IIM-C Ansh
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Having been through the admission process of almost every IIM and the course at one of them, I would (humbly) say that the IIMs are perfecting their admission process year after year.

Having made a rather bold claim (against majority of the public sentiment), let me give the long justification that it deserves. I'd request everyone to read with a little patience:

The following are (in my opinion) some of the major considerations of the admission committee and the interview panelists:

1) A major aim of the admission process is to ensure (corporate ishtyle) "fit" - is this girl / guy the right one for this institution? And more importantly, is this institution the right on for  this girl / guy? They really do not want someone who would actually do better without the program or with the same program at another institution run blindly into their institution and lower their chances of success.

In simple terms: If X will do better at IIM-M or N than V or Z, it is their job to not let her/him spoil her/his chances by coming into IIM-V or Z. 

2) Diversity - while this may sound cliche, discussion is the heart and soul of the MBA program offered at most IIMs and if we have a batch of 378 male engineers from premier engineering schools thinking more or less alike, there is simply no value that the program can generate.

In simple terms: If X is part of the program (which means it can add some value to him / her), what value doe (s)he add to it? Will the batch be better off with X in it?

3) Most important of all  - Demand & supply - say what you want, but the IIMs are today little more than a matchmaker in a very lucrative market - the job market. Due to various factors, the IIMs have (sadly) become glorified career agencies. It is a very important part of their job to place students in good careers at the end of the course. Given this, and the gloomy situation that the world economy is in, the job market isn't and hasn't been too bright in recent years. In such an environment, each IIM has to carve out its own (apparent) niche to have some USP to sell to recruiters. Hence intake often reflects the realities of the job market two years down the line. 

In simple terms: If an IIM Z tries hard to attract a large proportion of its recruiters from a sector F, then its batch of students would need to have skill sets and profiles that would suit jobs in that sector F. Extending the same, if Z foresees that x% of its students would go to sector X, y% to sector Y and so on, then its batch would also need to have students whose profiles & skill sets are in that proportion.

Having said all this, there are two important limitations of the process that I must also state - 

(1) these are all based on the judgement of professors on the admission committees and these people, just like all other human beings, can make errors. However, having personally interacted with some of them, I would bet my money that these are the people who are least prone in the country to making such errors. They devote considerable time and effort to perfect the process and I would place complete faith in a system they devise after so much deliberation.

(2) Type-I and Type-II errors can never be completely eliminated.

At the risk of sounding elitist, I would also request people who are angry because they face /have faced rejection to not let their anger bias their judgement of the system. If you are not able to get in, then it is because someone who is considerably wiser and more experienced than you believes you will actually do better elsewhere. You may want to respect this judgement.

I have also personally seen quite a number of people who have had very good careers before coming into IIMs go into careers which are completely unsatisfying post their degrees. That would be an extremely dire situation to be in, with the added burden of a loan of about 15 lakhs on your back and unfulfilled duties to your family to take care of.

One may want to think of all this before blindly going ahead and saying "The admission process is crap. The IIMs have no sense. The process should be changed immediately" and stuff like that.

@[167751:jove] Nope the view's still very much here Although the trees have grown a bit too much and blocked out most of it :D

FYI, Dorms 30-33 have been built right behind D28 & 29.

T-Nite (or Talent Nite) is an inter-section rivalry within IIMA where 6 sections fight it out over 4 days in multiple cultural disciplines to establish their supremacy on campus. It is a long-standing tradition that often triggers fond memories among alums and draws them to the campus to witness the festivities. Passion runs high and sleep, low on these 4 most memorable nights of an IIMA student's life!

A poster for this year's T-Nite - Click on the link, like the pic and stay connected to IIMA's cultural scene!;=a.360126447388910.76364.286239768110912&type;=1&theater;

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Hello Seniors,

can anyone who prepared from Hyderabad, or has knowledge abt coachings here, tell which coaching institute will be best? We know TIME is in good, what about CL and IMS??

Especially wanted to know more about CL..

thanks for help :)

- rohit

I did prepare from Hyd and joined TIME alone for the GDPI module. I think I can safely say that TIME is the best in Hyd. It has the best people for sure. If you are someone who works and can join only one centre, I would recommend TIME.

Unfortunately I've never been to either IMS or CL and cannot comment about them.
zorawarsingh13 Says
hi my name is zorawar.i have a query regarding my eligibility in cat.i have done b.e from pune university and have scored 57% in my final year.if i take aggregate of all 4 years it is 48%.but on my degree it says i have higher secound class which is 55%-60%.on my degree only final year marks are counted which is 57%.i dont know if i am eligible.iwould be gratefull if someone could help me out

Please post in the appropriate thread.

For those asking about info about previous year experiences, scroll back a few pages. The moderator has posted links to interview experiences and call getter discussions from the past few years. Those would help.

If you have any personal queries, you can PM any of us who are active on these threads!

selvam Says
Wat form????i didnt receive any ?? pls reply am very confused...:splat::splat:

Patience dude, patience. The form reaches different people on different dates. You will have sufficient time to fill it up. There usually is no need to send the A form back via post so even if you receive it a bit late, it is quite alright. Do confirm with other call getters if they require you to mail it back.

In the worst case that the form does not reach you till very late / you are very impatient to get a look at it, do reach out to someone from your city who has a call and get the empty form photocopied. The form is the same for all.

The link is still down and we aren't any better trying to access it from campus. The concerned table seems to have had it hard last night!!

Sympathies to all who haven't been able to check - we know the pain can be excruciating. Try and chill while you can

As to those who are questioning the wisdom behind (the lack of) calls, as has been stated umpteen times, each IIM looks at different stuff about you to give out calls. So do be patient and wait out for all calls to come in.

And yeah, Rule #1 for the interviews: :nono: NEVER :nono: question the wisdom of the gentleman/lady on the other side of the table. You simply do not know how studly (s)he could be!


First up , a big :cheers: CONGRATS :cheers: to all the call getters!!

As shrinivas pointed out, A gives out the least calls among all IIMs. Getting the call is the tough part. Converting it is relatively easier.

That said, it is imperative that you do your GDPI's well since that weighs in heavily on final selections. So go start reading them papers now


My profile:

10th: 92.45 (TN-Matriculation-2004)
12th: 97.42 (TN-2006; Was ranked 50th in the state among approximately 1.7 lakh aspirants who took the last ever TNPCEE)
Graduation: 8.15 (B.E CSE, College of Engineering Guindy (Anna University) -2010)
Work Ex- 11 months ( till May)

CAT 2010:
DI ~ 99
OA-98.75 (NC-OBC)

Calls: All except Shillong

Interviews Experiences:

A: Essay - Above Average (Think I did a good job within the 10 mins given. managed to conclude
PI - Good (Plain answers; did not sound "prepared" as most of the answers were constructed on the spot;
Panel was focussed more on the thought process than the answers themselves)
Verdict - Convert.

C: GD- Very Good (sort of took a bigger picture view; spoke on a philosophical plane),
PI -Very Good (again very honest answers did the trick I think; answered everything except acads Panel was really amused by a few of my answers)

B : Essay - Very good (took one of the famed Idea generation techniques that were preached at the
coaching classes and implemented it to the dot. was very satisfied with the essay)
PI - Below Average (Focused on a lot of acads to start with - did quite bad at this; hence confidence
was a little diminished; was not satisfied with the other answers that I gave later too;
Was my last interview of a series of 5 and hence was a bit tired and not at my best, I would say)
Verdict - Convert. (Still wondering how :D)

L : Essay - Below Average.
GD - Good ( But deviated a lot from what I wrote in the essay)
PI - Good (was able to steer the conversation; sounded confident; spoke on a wide range of topics from escape velocity to stock trading fundamentals; was satisfied)
verdict - convert

I : WAT - Good.
PI - Very Good.
Verdict - Convert.

K : WAT - -(Do Not remember )
PI - Average ( It bordered on a stress interview, with the panel trying to counter my every word. There were relatively peaceful periods too when the conversation ranged from a panelist explaining diff b/w Analog & Digital using the example of love & arranged marriages to cloud computing and multicore processors. For some reason, I suspect that they mistook me for an ECE grad.)
Verdict - Convert.

RRRT - GD - Above Average
PI - Average.
Verdict - Rohtak - convert, Ranchi - convert, Trichy - convert, Raipur - Reject
(Took this interview as it was the first of the season. Proved a good decision as it helped ease the nerves and gave a fair idea of what to expect.)


Lessons Learned : IMHO, the entire process of selection into B Schools boils down to these skills:

1) Smart Work - this is what is needed to crack the CAT. Many of us mortals may not be able to do it the first time around.

But in my opinion, the trick is to persevere and work smart. Simply working out scores of problems and taking tests from umpteen coaching centers is not going to help at all.

The key lies in
a. Analysing your performance and figuring out your strengths & weaknesses
b. Learning from mistakes - both of others and more importantly those done by oneself.
c. Attempting to correct mistakes and convert weaknesses to strengths.
d. Managing time at the test.

2) A good attitude - This is the most important thing post-CAT. Many people who manage to make it across CAT do not make the final cut because of a bad attitude. Arrogance, Sluggishness, I-Dont-care-about-a-thing,etc. are simply unacceptable from the interviewer's point of view.

The interviewers are sure to smell out any streak in your character that does not reflect good on your attitude. They have been there and seen all for a long time.

Also, it is important that one does not attempt to hide such streaks once (s)he recognizes them. If time is on your side, attempt to change it. If not, accept it and prove your willingness to change it.

3) Willingness to learn - This is another important factor that any interviewer looks for. Because whichever is the B School that you aim to join, it will require you to slog it out and learn and experience a whole new life. If you are rigid to new things, it does not help

and most important of all,

4) A strong value system - No matter how talented you are, how smart you are and how hard you work, if your values are not right, they will definitely not let you in. This is because the mission and vision of most exemplary BSchools is to churn out leaders and visionaries. A compromising value system will not work in the long run for such leaders and visionaries. The recent spate of scams and shame further increases the importance of this.

Ultimately, I think that the process of getting into a B-School requires a lot of introspection and discovery of the self. Once you have the right answers to everything (at least most things) about yourself, then the only thing left to do is to go and find a B-School which matches your description of yourself.

All the very best to co-aspirants and future aspirants!!!

PS: Keep in mind - in the end, it is all about YOU!

PPS : I know this became long and I sound very pragmatic, but yeah, you've got to call a spade a spade, even if it sounds unfashionable.