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A bigggggggggg and special thanks to all of you for making my day so special!!

Thanks a lot guys for all the wishes! :grin:

Loved it! :cheerio:

@ cutie!
happy belated birthday to u too :)
hope u had a great one!!

@doc sure mujhe yaad hai!
aap aao toh sahi
sab milega ;)

@ everyone Thanks again!

God bless and God Speed!!


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Wishing u a very Happy Birthday

God bless..

Cheers !! :cheers:

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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Dressed in shorts and a crumpled white t-shirt and sitting coyly in his apartment in Dombivali, on the outskirts of Mumbai, Shashank Prabhu looks more like the teenager next door who you'd see rushing to his tuition clas
:w00t: arre waah doc toh super star ho gaye hain !

Cool , photugrapher, sacha bhartiya, Clark kent ( from lucknow) made special appearances Kirtika was also present on the first day as a volunteer, then she dissapeared and did not return.. not before people with her 100 watt smile

ps- Kaam bhi kiya tha

arrey itna sab ho gaya.. log ghayal wayal ho gaye aur mujhe pata tak nahi laga..

koi inform toh kar deta , ek visitor message hi bhej deti
:cheerio: "get well soon" wala

But nonetheless, it was a very well put up event :cheerio: and hope u guys did pretty well..

Apologies for leaving early and not coming the next day..

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naveen2010 Says
Hi frnz am a new member in pagalguy.. i read these discussions goin on here.. this stuff is great.. i too could use some help from u guys.. Am a final yr student and i got selected in two companies IBM and TCS.. am in deep confusion in selecting which company to go.. I like IBM for its name and work culture but am afraid of frequent firing in IBM.. Pls throw some light on me in this issue.. it is well appreciated if anyone specify the real Payscale for freshers in both company.. Thank u in advance..

Please USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS for relevant threads before u post your queries and refrain from opening new threads without searching .

Continue posting here

Mods please do the needful
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Aaj ka prashan


"Agar aap truck driver hotte toh aapke truck k peeche kya kya likha hota"

Meinu ishq da laggya rog ,
mere bachne di naiyyo ummeed

( this sounds pretty truck driversish so i'd put this
Disclaimer : no offence to any truck driver or anyone else )
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Hey Shruti

Wishing u a very Happy Birthday.

Its been great knowing u and having u as a friend.
Wish u all the very best for evrything in life. :cheerio:

and singing the birthday song for u here

to u , to u

dear shruti to u

may god bless u, may god bless u

dear shruti to u

( now comes the important part )

many boyfrends to u

many boyfrends to u

(plz share some with me too )

dear shruti to u



lots of love


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Baaki tension naa lena, naye murgo ko hum khud pakad lete hain

It will be quite an experience for you, I am sure :thumbsup: do come, pakke se

Aapka apna,

Ye toh sarasar na-insaafii hai , woh bhi mod ke dwara..

pehle hi dara do logon ko

@kamra.abhinav ^^^^^

ghabraao na.. aisa karna sabse pehle aa jaana and keep watching..

aur vaise abhi time hai
visit ppl's fb and orkut pages.. shaklen yaad kar lo.

Dhokha nahi khaogey


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Well no question for the day so far, so I will put one up...

Date: March 20th..

We were talking about advertising a product two days back, so would just like to continue on the same track..

The advertisements (current and old ones as well) that you like most and ones that you hate most..
Also put in some reasons if you can...
Reasons can be anything...

P.S. Ignore if asked before..

Well Advertisements mein Love and Hate ke liye kuch zyaada hi choice hai

but posting my favourites and some intersting ones after a million that iv been seeing on You Tube

Khud Se seekho :cheerio:

YouTube - Britannia Campus Recruitment Film 2008

Kyunki Har ghar kuch kehta hai...

YouTube - Asian Paints - Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai

YouTube - The worlds funniest commercial
YouTube - best ad ever

Honda Accord

YouTube - 1 of the best ads in the world !!!! watch it ......

then a few like


YouTube - Jalebee

Hamara Bajaj :cheerio:

YouTube - Hamara Bajaj

Ford figo Adds

Video: Indian-market Ford Figo ads take on local flavor €” Autoblog

Godrej DVD player

YouTube - Very funny Indian ad for Godrej DVD Player

the list is endless
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