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HI Guys,

My details are given below. Could you please suggest me Should i target for NUS.

10th : 86.26 Maharashtra State board
12th :87.67 Maharashtra State board
graduation: B E (E&TC;) 68
Work Ex: 44 Months till date
Extra Curricular: Not so good.

I am current working in CTS as developer.

hi All,

can anybody tell when the final list of selected candidates will be out.
so that it will be easy to decide when we can resign.

hi Maglomaniac

i dont think last year (CAT 2009) we received the score card by mail.
on the official site of CAt 2009 also it is mentioned that print out of the score card will be treated as official score card.
I am also not having the original score card but i do not remember that they mailed such one too.

i have i have tthe same slot

i have given the test on 18th DEC.

can anybody tell me when the result will be out.

because while checking it on the site it is giving error

where i can find my registration no

please help

hi puys,

could you please answer my query.
i have a home loan of 10 lacs will it affect the education loan.did any body had the same issue.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

hi ,

i am having a home loan of 10 lac .does it will affect my education loan.without education loan i cant take the seat.

hi ,
if there are only 420 seats in IMT G ,how the 994 candidates got the confirmation?

though we consider half of the candidates not joining,still there is no chance for the waiting list.

please explain the logic.:grin::grin::grin:

CAT 09:95.15%
IMTG/N Waitlisted

hi PUYS,

i have a query regarding education loan.if i am having a home loan will it affect my education loan for IMT.plesae reply though it seems to be off topic.