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The second list is out. But how do we book the slot now? When I click on the book slot link, it says I can not book now.

Can we request for change in gd/pi date? And is GIM conducting gd/pi on weekends?

Hi all,

This year's GD/PI shortlist for VGSoM is out and is available on the VGSoM website.

The direct link to the GD/PI list is
GD/PI venue and time will be notified soon. For updates
please keep checking the VGSoM Website and this thread.

Some important links regarding the whole admission process
are as follows. These will help you to prepare for the GD/PI.

VGSoM Admissions Helpdesk 2008-10
GDPI Experiences 2008-10
VGSoM Admissions Helpdesk 2007-09
Life @ VGSoM

what is the seats:calls ratio ?

When is the new gd/pi list expected? As per the pdf about selection criteria on the SCMHRD website, I clear the main cut off. So was just eager to know the date for new list.

has anybody tried registering for GD/PI?? when i go to this link SVKM'S NMIMS UNIVERSITY and click on new user, it tells me i have already registered. But I havent registered. And if i try entering my email id and password, it says invalid id password. What to do? Is there any other link?

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problem in accessing the registration page.

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In the options for cet cneter choise - we have 3 options for mumbai - mumbai central, city, western..
i m new to mumbai.. can somebody please tell me as to what areas will come under the three choices. which option will be best for bandra?

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I am an engineer. Now in graduation marks, I have to write my fourth year marks or sum of the marks of all semesters?

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In the form, where we are supposed to write our name, its written "as per the certificate of qualifying examination".
What do they mean by Qualifying examination - JMET or B.E. ?
Coz in JMET its just my name while in B.E. degree my father's name is added to my name and my surname is first and then first name.. coz its from pune university..
so what is the qualifying examination..??
Please help.