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CAT - 70%
GD+PI+Acads+ECA+Work-ex - 30%


MDI Gurgaon calling!

9th call of the season

CAT score
OA - 99.04%le
QA - 98.28%le
VA - 97.30%le

10th - 89.73% (Maharashtra Board)
12th - 84.1 (Maharashtra Board)
Grad(Engg) - 78.44 (Mumbai University)
Work ex - Nil

Seniors what is criteria for selection ? The break-up for GD,PI,Profile,CAT??

Reiterating : There is no reservation.


What you heard is not true. Many students in current batch have a percentile below 98.5. Stay hopeful. ATB

10th:86.6 2003
12th:89.6 2005
Btech MNNIT Allahabad 69.6 2010
Work ex:17 months in IBM
Calls from new IIMS..
my question is
Is there even a minute chance of me getting thru in any course..PGPM/HR/ fine with any of them..even after the waitist ...Because i heard there is noone making it to the final list who has a lesser percentile than 98.5...With FMS and IITs taking thru cat this year...maybe the calling cutoffs might not change but final cutoffs are sure to be changed...Some one throw some light on it
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The cut-off for GD-PI for PGPM, PGHR and PGIM is same.

was the cut-off same for both PGPM & HR program

my cat score is 93.98
sect 1-91.2
sect 2-92.8


Last year : CAT percentile = 70% and GD+PI+Acads= 30%

hey seniors,

can u tell me what was the weightage of percentile, acads and gd pi last year in final selection and if you have any idea what will it be this year.

PS: i was not able to search this on previous comments or on site.

The number of seats in HR are 60. It is difficult to say whether you will clear it or not as a lot also depends on your GD/PI performance along with your CAT score. Refer to previous posts regarding preparation.
Stay hopeful.
All the best.

I have got

OA 96.53
QA 96.86
VA 90.xx

X 83.86
XII 83.00
Grad (BE IT) 79.16

18 months works ex TCS till date.

I have given MDI HR as my first choice..? Do I stand a change of clearing it?

Please advise what should I prepare for it? and what is the number of seats in HR?

I am glad to see your keen interest in HR. The HR program at MDI is designed by NHRD (National HRD) network and we are in constant touch with NHRD for industry inputs, curriculum and pedagogy. From personal experience i can say it is an amazing learning experience.

About MDI centric preparation, be updated with recent happenings. Be prepared for current affairs as well as abstract topics in GD. Also brush up your technical concepts and knowledge.

Hi Seniors,

Have got 97.32 OA with Sectionals 93 and 98....

MDI has been my dream college from the time I touched my MBA prep books...

I am particularly interested in the PG HR course.

Can you please elaborate on how we should go about preparing for the further processes - GD/PI etc...

and ny MDI-centric preparation that is required ???

Last year, the cutoff for MDI was 95.31 percentile. So, you have a very good chance of getting a call. As far as converting the call is concerned, it depends on other factors such as GD and PI. So, start preparing for these components asap.

cat percntile - 96.40
qa - 98.86
va - 75.82
10th- 90%

what are my chances at mdi????
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Congratulations for your score. Till last year the sectional cut off was 70 percentile, but that was the case when we had three sections ( VA, LR and QA). This year the criteria might change, information regarding this will be provided to you asap.
All the best !


I have a score of 98.04 in CAT'11.
10th: 80.2
12th: 68.2
BE from Jadavpur University: 73.71
Work Ex in PwC: 18months.

Should I expect a call as my sectionals doesn't match up to the criteria as benchmarked for CAT'10?

ATB to other PUYs.

The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance.
All the best puys, put in your best efforts and stay optimistic.
Bell the cat !