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Hey Allwin!!!
Congratulations Dude!!!


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Hey Sowmya....
All the very best for ur "VIDESHI" MBA

Am I spamming
Feels good to be back at PG after a long long time


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hey:)...i wasn't the author...but had just uploaded it to the thread one fine day..

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Din know that this thread is gonna come alive..!!! After more than 2 years...
Posted this when I joined PG.....

Anyways...ppl...Have fun on the V-Day

PS -> PG...good to see a different Mr. Green...Way to go pal.

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Simba...tune mere dil ki baat bol di :)
Is it a typo error??? virus @$&% ...
"virus2475..."isn't that the decimal equivalent of u'r login...?? what does it signify btw??
Kidding dude!!! Just tryin to figure out How old u really r......:)

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Amen to That!!!

Guys & Gals.....Give U'r Best shot at the paper!!
Hope to c all of u there....ain't I optimistic bout me making it to the IIM's......hehehehe!!

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Hey Jassim.....Many Happy returns of the day buddy!!! Have a blast.....called up Mad cow...the day before....u'r phone's out of charge i suppose.....get it charged dude and how bout the summers??

Commenting on this post has been disabled. is TIME's Analysis :
AIMCAT 415 Analysis

As the D Day approaches, the intention to do well at least in one AIMCAT becomes stronger. However, what can one do if a paper like AIMCAT 415 comes ones way? Here is where a little thought and clear-cut strategy to handle the exam will always work. That the paper was difficult, students would have known in the first 10 minutes itself. But what to expect and how to keep cool in the next 110 minutes has always been the basic problem. In this paper, each section required enough attention and hence giving approximately 40 minutes to each of the sections would have been the most prudent strategy. Since DS was given in the Quant section, the cutoffs could be expected to be high for that section. True? Wait and Read on.

Section I Quantitative Aptitude/DS

That DS was given in this section and made no difference to the ability of students to score more or at least attempt more questions. DS was really difficult. Even after one goes through the solutions, getting the hang of the same may still elude even a good student. To start with, this section had six of the lengthiest questions. This is normally enough to put anybody off. To add to that there were sets of questions, which were seemingly easy but hard to crack. In addition, the twists to apparently simple problems such as Q no. 8, 13, 26, 31 and 41 did not make life easy. However, there were definitely easy questions for those who had the patience and the willingness to sift out the difficult ones and zero in on the easy ones. Q nos. 7, 12, 15, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, and 38 were basic math and should have been attempted and cracked.
Expected Cut off - 8+/-1

Section II Verbal Ability/ Reading Comprehension
The verbal area had 20 questions of which at least 10 were real sitters (4 of fill-in-the-blanks, 4 of synonyms and others). The ideal time to give to these 20 questions is 12 minutes. The remaining 28 minutes should be for the RC area and an attempt of 3 to 4 passages was achievable. The last passage was probably the easiest among the given 4. There were some contentions in the passage on racism where the authors inference comes into play quite a lot. However, a good student should have attempted about 40 plus questions in this section and get about 27+ net. The cutoff is expected to be in the range of 17 to 19.
Expected Cutoff 18+/-1

Section III DI and Reasoning
DI looked awfully difficult at least at the first glance. What with almost every set having more than one graph to contend with, the performance in DI can be expected to be below the standards of a normal DI section. But looking closely at each of the sets, students would have realized that the section and the sets were not all that difficult. Set 101 to 105, had two questions which required just counting, set 110 to 113, was again a case of simple interpretation to get the whole set right and the set on Statistics regarding CAT (114 to 119) should have been a cinch, especially as every student is preparing for CAT day-in and day-out (at least expected to prepare!). In reasoning also the last set 146 to 150 was a sitter. Overall, the performance in this section would depend on the ability of the student to give each set about 5 minutes or less exactly and try cracking 2 to 3 questions from each set.
Expected Cutoff 7+/- 1


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I donno wat's goin wrong with me over the past so many mocks....
Felt like doing well in 415 atleast..but.....
Screwed up the VA/RC and Quant sections....
Thot my accuracy rate is on an increase..but it was only when i checked with the key..that I's not
My breakup is as follows :
Section Attempts/Correct/Wrong/Score
VA/RC 35/22/13/17.67 ---- din't expect this..
QA 21/15/6/13 neither this.....
DI 15/15/0/15 This the least

Overall - 71/52/19/45.67

Good score there Amit & Roshni...guess 60+ in this paper could fetch u multiple calls...lets wait & see...wat TIME ppl have in their analysis...

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Hey Chandoo.....Many Happy returns of the day Buddy!!! Have fun buddy!!
Wish u the same Silken Touch!!

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