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I dunno how many of how have read the " The Rising Sun" . Though the book cover proclaimed it was a bestseller I still can not understand HOW !!!!!!

Really sad one with attempts of Japan Bashing by Crichton though he tries to be very rational about it. The ending is real sad as well.

Real dampener considering that I had picked up a book after a long long time. Damn Saturday Morning gone to waste


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Now this one is a RCP (Repeat CP) .. Cut and Paste from your post in yahoo group , eh
Not done. PG asks for original contributions facche....
HaT (ALSO known as khota)

Hey ppl,

Posting to let people know abt the amazing mumbai fuchcha-tuchcha meet (the informal one-the fuchcha initiative) that took place on 22nd evening...

Lekin khelne ko time milega kya?????????????

pata kar.....

Milta to hai par uske liye bhi management skills lagani parti hain..


Howdy Facchas and facchis
Myself HaT , ur tuccha and PGP oldie (most of u are n00bs ), spo probably won't know me .. Afer getting into IIMA u do not get much time
Neways Bhelcome to WIMWI
Presently me in Moombhai doig internship fo HLL in their Sales and marketing division..
If u really have any burning queries post them here and they would be sorted out. If there is already a thread fo that, do point tat out for me. Just do not have time at this moment ..

Sayonara for now
And trust me u will see me in campus a lot during your stay



I guess i am really late but still ..
Well I will be Joining HLL in Mumbai as Sales And Marketing Intern.
It begins from April 8th


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arr subbu, new members coming into b-skools. can i be a group leader (asks nicely ) my official mail id is


I second Quint's Nomination .....
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The world has changed. Its a long long, swift passage of the moons since the times of Pig-hooooooooooo-ey.

Cud not agree more.. Just look at me , eh dragon ?

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Hamari tarf se bhi MHROTD hai bhai


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Hi guys
Me posting after a long long time but the slow spped of the site among others somehow did not have the time. Life is chillax
Went to watch Indiav/s Sl match on sunday at Motera. Had a whale of time. 4 other PGP1S and moi left for the stadia at 8 in the morn and returned only after the last bowl had ben bowled. My frens tell me taht tehy saw me on TV. Yeahhh
Bakee nxt monday end terma hain but now have got so used to the system that it is almost becoming like engg college days. Am watching Seinfeld nowadays and am on episode 92 . Finished Naruto backlog. On the sports front badminton is still going strong and now that 2s are back frm acations will pick up in a big way( I hope)

I am staying in Ahmedabad for the vactions as my parents will be coming here en route their Raj-Guj brahman . So here I will be -the lone faccha in my dorm .I simply love it. Wil catch up on a lot of novs.
Bahut bakar ho gayee

Haree Ommmm

HI guys
Me posting after a rather long time. Ayways my summers are gonna be in HLL - Sales and Marketing and the location is Mumbai..

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