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Hey puys, could someone please tell me how should I start?

I'm a rank newcomer to finance and know nothing about it. I'll be taking the L1 in December 2011.

I want to know how to go about the preparation?

Shall I study from Schweser Notes first and then from the curriculum or shall it be the other way round?

BTW, I don't have the curriculum with me yet. When it comes to detailed material, all I have right now are the Wiley Investment Series books.

Somebody please advice.



Hi Prashant,

I think you have enough time to prepare for your L1 since it is still around 10 months away..

Studying from the curriculum is not mandatory to clear L1, however it builds you a very strong foundation for further levels (2/3). Since you have such time, I reckon you start with the curriculum and build your fundamentals..

You can refer to Schweser Notes later, say by June and clear L1...Kaplan's notes are very well structured and organized in such a way as to help to prepare well for the exam...I've seen many ppl clearing L1 just by referring Schweser Notes, though they face a tough time in L2 if they have not referred to the detailed curriculum well..

Good luck !
hi, i was shortlisted for gdpi but did not receive a gdpi call letter
during gdpi the volunteers told me to gve an undertaking that i will send the call letter when i receive it.
i still hav not received the gdpi call letter,..what should i do?
i have converted my call
plz help

Dude, immediately call up the admissions office and seek clarifications. The admissions authorities should be able to guide you the best !!
Hi Seniors,
THe PDF Doc on the website shows my general category rank as 83 and the remarks column is blank meaning offer not sent. SO does it mean that I have qualified for the admissions or not qualified. I guess it means that I am in the waiting list. Am I right seniors ?

Please confirm


Hey dude,

Appearance of your name in the pdf indicates that you have qualified for admission into the MBA program at IITR. At your rank, you stand in the waitlist, and given the past trends, you stand more than a decent chance of finally making it thru IITR..Cheers !
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Congrats to all the call getters !

Feel free to post any queries/clarifications, the folks here would be glad to answer !

sangamesh.desai Says
what might be the cut off for iit roorkee

Hey buddy,
I might be difficult to predict the cutoffs in terms of marks, but rank wise...i guess a rank of around 1500 may get u a gd/pi call...last time arnd...the last rank to be called for gd/pi was arnd 1670 in general catg..

Good luck !
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dear khalap,
could u please tell me upto what rank calls have been given this time( batch called after 8 july).

M not sure abt the exact rank...I guess its somewhere arnd 143/144...
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Hi Friends

Yesterday i got the admission letter from IITR , i just want to know who else is planning to join iitr. Senior can you explain me the process of admission (2nd August) and the first few days activity in iitr.

Join this -->
U'll get to know all that u are askin for...

Congrats for ur convert !
Hi Trushin

Thanks bro.That was a convincing explaination.Nobody should have a scintilla of doubt in joining a place where people like
u study(Irrespective of the DOM or SOM status).

Haha..Thnx Bro..Cya at DoMs !
Mandatory Disclosure : I was in first list of IITR and SIIB. And as you can see I decided to go for IITR.
1. The placement report is not out yet but you can safely assume tht there is a dip, probably 2~3% in average salary. But, you gotta keep in mind that unlike many other colleges, IIT's do not inflate their figures. You would never know about salary dips of other colleges.
2. Pune, IT park advantages cannot be replicated at IITR, that said there is no dearth of exposure here, people keep coming down from delhi on weekends. There are industrial visits, adventure trips, sports fest etc.
3. Then, the kind of facilities you will have IIT, you can only dream about them in 90% of the other colleges.
4. Summers this year were not smoothest ever but 2009 batch managed better profiles than previous batches. The batch this time around is good. There is a healthy mix up of work-ex and freshers which will only better the placements.
5. Extracurriculars, this year onwards will be going a sea-change. A new inter college fest is planned in september. And being IIT, you can expect participation from top 15 colleges in India. Reputation of IITR fests can be gauged from the fact that companies have offered direct summer placements to students if they have managed a one-two position in Thomso or other IIT events.
6. Fees, yes is a major factor. You get degree at 25% of the cost. Value for money is ridiculously tilted in favour of IITR. You get easier and cheaper loans.
7. Alumni base is reasonably good. And dont forget IITR engineering grads, PhD's, Mtechs etc. , who have reached the levels where they can influence placement decisions of their respective companies,
8. Last but not the least, do think if you really want an IB-MBA, the kind of specialisation etc. You dont have dual specialisation option there.

I think, given the advantages of being an IIT, going forward, DoMS has better chances of being a bigger brand vis-a-vis other colleges is same league. I hope this helps.

Well said Buddy !

U saved my typing efforts

Cheers !

yesterday i got a callfrom iit r
and i have joined SIIB pune for MBA-IB .ihave paid 130000. and if leave the institute in next 2 or 3 days there are some chances of getting 1,00,000 back.
i have talked to some of my friends and as some suggest not to leave siib and others insisting me to go for iitr.
there is not much diff. bet. iitr & siib except fees
But there is no exposure in a place like iitr
iitr has still not given placement report........
i want to know the avg. , min &max.; placement figures and also want some suggestions regarding what to do??????????
please reply asap........
seniors plz help.........
ihave to take decision in next two days.........
thanx in advvance.......

Wud be gr8 if u can gimme a call mate..Have PMed u my cell no..