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raja rajan @rengu
Hi,will i get desired date and centre if i register by this weekend?

you should man. people get unnecessarily excited when the vouchers are out for sale, and there's always a huge queue at the banks etc on the first day. but you register later, you still get the slots you want. don't worry.

access code anyone?

  • Try C59F4. 04 Aug '13.
  • Even I am looking for it... 04 Aug '13.
Even I am looking for it..

subah post kiya tha .. ek bar fir nazar daal do nikammo

@ noble - pagle , tension na le.. mil baat ke khayenge

80 by any chance?
ksagarwa Says
Ye wala dekho friends

2 is the answer?
Shivamgarg Says
bhai log maine sunday ka slot bhara h bt i hav my coll. mid terms monday onwards..suggest me a way to give the aimcat today....I can't even use tweaking as my homepage is nt showing me any link for aimcat1205....

quant thread pe puchle. log solve karte rehte hain wahan.
if you ask me, exchange it with someone you know who can see his link now.
or worst case scenario, baad me can always do that.

yeah 256 3

is it 1> 2?


ashr Says
Na i wasn't might be if i was i would have scored "higher" :P

yeah we should try it sometime.
maybe the very difficult quant ones will seem like sitters..
Correct it is !!!
Share the approach ...

1st case- apurv gets 1 or 2 and if our guy has to win he has to do it 3, 4, 5, 6 are the possibilities. 2/6 * 4/6=8/36
2nd case- apurv gets 1 and our guy gets 1. so next turn apurv has to get 1 and our guy has to get either 2 3 4 5 6. so 1/6*1/6*1/6*5/6= 5/6^4
next case apurv gets 1 our guy gets 2. and apurv has to get 1 again and our guy can get any number to win=1/6*1/6*1/6=1/216

add them up