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@Manojp24 ya, but it would not create much effect because at last knowledge matters a lot.

Good Luck....Hope for the best...:)

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Although last year's cutoff of both the colleges were not revealed, but both SICSR and SCIT had almost same cutoffs.
Now moving on the placements, the placements for 2011-2013 batch is still going on. The average package is around 4-6 lakhs and for experienced it can go above 6 lakhs also.

even i want to know about the same...puys...plz help

manaschoudhary Says

thank u...

Finally, i got selected...

i am very happy.....:clap:

removed for all slots - 95% sure.

still i m not taking the risk of saying 100%

:shock:...thank you..:D
Its fine dont worry
I am a volunteer for this gdpi process so just contact me i will help u to finish ur process faster

Group activity and psychometric test was removed...dont know whats the reason for that...

Otherwise people were pretty happy with the GDs and PIs

Group activity and psychometric test was removed for today only, or for all the slots?

Hello seniors..

My GE/PI process is scheduled on 15th Feb, 1:30 pm. I want to know that by what time the whole process will get finished?

Thank you

Hello puys...

anyone from delhi for 15th feb 1:30 slot?

Hi ,

I would appreciate if someone could share the duration of the entire process . I have a GE/PI process scheduled on 12 Feb , 12.30 slot and would have to leave the same day from Pune to Delhi, in order to catch up with some urgent work at office the next day.


Even i had the same slot on 4th Feb and i had to come back to Delhi on the same day. The whole process will end up till 5:30 pm. Don't worry, the seniors have managed the whole process quite well.