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ya u will be...all u guys have been allotted rooms. People who come few days before the classes start will be allotted rooms.

Sir.. will i be alloted hostel on 19th? i ll be reachin on dat day..
I mailed warden sir.. he dint reply

I dont think you would be allotted immediately. I am not sure if the staff would be there that early. At max you would have to wait for a couple of hours. If you want it immediately just called the college and ask

hey friends,
i have a doubt..i have been offered the oncampus hostel and i am going to reach delhi on 21st early morning(6 am)...will i be allowed to enter the hostel and alloted room immediately at this early morning time on 21st or i have to book a hotel??????????

I do not have the exact figures with me but it would have been on CTC and not in hand. (if at all such a figure exists)

Sorry mate, have done now


Could you please confirm regarding the floor price system.

I got this information from one our seniors during my GDPI, that IMI allows only those companies to visit for placements, which offer a minimum in hand salary, and this year it was around 30-40k

Please correct if i am wrong

Thanks :)

5 months experience isnt really considered as "work experience"(as far as i know)...i think salary slip would do to prove that you had experience

hello seniors,
i have a work ex of 5 months in tcs...and i am planning not to pay the bond amont of 50,000 and thus wont be getting any experience certificate..but i am resigning formally and my HR told me that i wont be marked as will there be any problem during placements if i dont have the exp certificate>???

I had the same doubt last year the college hostel washing machines are the off campus one, no washing machine. A dhobi comes there often..he would wash and iron ur cloths....or you can get ur cloths washed in the campus like some of us used to do...stay for a week and you would find out what is allowed and what is not :-P

Psycholligent Says
Is there a laundry service avaialble?No electrical appliances allowed inside hostel ? No iron ??

Last year i sent it via RTGS....just call up the college and ask!!

suhansarkar Says
can anyone tell me whether the hostel fees can be sent via RTGS or not as i received the mail late so i want to use a secure way of sending the money
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Only during placements and summits which would be informed to you once the college starts. Basically you would have to wear a blazer and tie. For our batch the colour was some variant of blue.

Psycholligent Says
Is there a dress code??

Ya ..IMI's endeavor to provide its students with nutritious and tasty food..... which would remind the students of home cooked meals

priyaveer Says
Till last year it was for 3 months at once. but i think from this year onwards the rule has been changed nd you will have to pay it for whole year at once. and there is a compulsion for hostel guyz of using mess facility...

You would get more than 1 weeks vacation after each term. What more can you ask for!!(compared to other B schools)

atreyac Says
No winter vacation??:shock::-(
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It is mediocre is tiny and is ill equipped. Dont worry about losing weight( at least initially) The canteen food plus the delhi heat would definitely help you with that. Plus if you have never lived outside our house, the frequent food poisoning will help you get back in shape :). But be careful ...later on as you would find eating joints, free home delivery and would get used to outside food and you will gain all your weight back :-(:-(:-(

casano Says
i've heard dat dere is a gym in imi...can anybody throw sum light over d facilities provided dere...(actually i've gained sum weight in d past couple of months..wanted to ged rid of it asap..)
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