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Guys, sorry was out of touch for a long time. Just came to know from a friend of mine in Manhattan Review that, Manhattan Review is sponsoring the very first ISB info session for the year 2009 at the ISB campus.

I have a lot to be thankful to Manhattan Review because of what I gained from them. So I told him I will post this for him.

The date is the 21st of June 2009 and the timing is 10 AM.

ISB info sessions this year unlike the previous years are being charged at Rs 200 per person. But the entry to this particular session sponsored by Manhattan Review is FREE of cost to the students. Contact any of the Manhattan Review's offices in Hyderabad to register.

Complimentary Snacks and beverages will be served by ISB.

Call to register.
Himayatnagar: 2326 4360/62
Madhapur: 2311 4020/30
Begumpet: 423 00 748

We wish you all the best.


My 2 cents. No institute is best when it comes to helping a person get a good score. I think it depends on who the faculty is and how much we are able to squeeze out of the faculty and then go back and practice.

So looking at the results they are pretty good as this I think is the 6th 700+ score and obviously 780 being the top. And regarding faculty help, it is really very good. I had taken the training last year in Princeton and now I am taking it here and both are ok but most of the best faculty that was in Princeton is now with Manhattan. So teaching techniques are a bit different but the support I see is more here. Infrastructure is good, free coffee, A/C, Wi-FI enabled office. I was at the Himayatnagar Princeton last year and more than half the time A/C was not working and when I went there few days I was looked at like, "Here he comes". I have lived in the US for 8 years upto May 2007. SO things like A/C, Coffee etc are good as far as I am concerned. Just basic conveniences I guess. And if I were you and you were smart, I would not consider the other players around like IMS or Visu or whoever. Honestly I dont know about C Square. Have heard of them only recently after I joined here. So never had a reason to see what they have to offer. Most people feel that Rs 25k or whatever is too high. But they dont look to get the max out of the institute so that they get a higher score. I would rather pay Rs 50,000 to an institute which can help me get 700+ than an institute that gives me the training for lets say for discussion purposes "free". Because why would I want to save Rs 50,000 and lose a chance to get into a reputed B School. And on the same lines why would I want to lose money on a score that is not worth mentioning even if it means Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000.

So to sum it up. It is not just what they teach. It is how much we practice. But the practice needs to be guided. And ultimately it is our decision to join a particular institute. A year down the road we will say one of two things. I wish I had joined that other institute or I am glad I joined this institute. So if u r happy u get the credit. If u r not, u get the blame.

My advice is do ur homework, attend the demo sessions they conduct, grill the faculty to the max extent by asking them questions, the answers of which will help u make a decision as to whether u should join them.

Having said that, I am actually undergoing training at Manhattan Review. On Sunday there was a celebration in Himayatnagar, the center I enrolled in and the reason for celebration was that a student scored 780 on the test. 99th percentile in Math and 98 percentile in Verbal. I was impressed.

So training, guidance and support and after test revisions sum up the preparation for the test. Now there are a few who dont need the training. God bless them and I am sure not one of them. So here I am, hoping to get a good score and get into a good B School.

Currently I am in the 720 range in my mock tests and hoping to continue the same.

Good luck everyone.


I have an extra copy of the Manhattan Review's sentence correction guide. If u want to, u can take that from me. Free of course. It is quite good and I am sure for verbal any extra material we can get helps.

Let me know


Hi Axe man
I am not sure how effective taking just the tests would be. Because I have enrolled with Manhattan Review a little while back and the going is good. Scoring 650+ consistently. I know it would have sounded better if I said 700+ but considering from where I started I am happy with the progress. I took the test prep and scored 550.

Good thing here I saw that I did not see at the other place I took the training last year from, was the help of the faculty. I usually sit there everyday from morning 10 to evening 5 and it helps so much that my score improved and more importantly I have the confidence that I can take the test. I wish I could give u access to the test codes but once I use them no one including me can use it again.

So coming to are books and test codes enough, I am not sure, but for me they would not have been enough, as I needed the guidance from someone that knows the subject. If u r a self study expert, it may be ok. But I had put all my hopes on getting my MBA done from a good b school and I did not want to take a chance with my score.

In fact one guy that sits with me has already paid for the B School application service. He is taking his test next week, so waiting for him to finish his test to see what his result would be.

Good luck

Hey Guys
I was at a demo session at Manhattan Review in their Himayatnagar center. I was pretty impressed to see that they have three 700+ scorers in the last 3 months that they have been here.

I am an Engineer and a Skeptic, so I asked them to show me proofs that this is true. And sure enough they did. They showed me 2 reports and I guess the fourth one they did not get the record from the students.

I am planning on joining the next batch that they are starting. Sure, it all depends on one's preparation but I am sure the fruit is on the tree. Hope to be one of the top scorers myself.

Any one else here has attended their demo sessions or classes? What is ur opinion?