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any R2 applicants got any iv calls... i see no change in my status...

My Application Status still remains "Application Under Process".. Do you guys have any idea when they will start sending out iv invites? Its taking forever...

I have been following this thread for a month now. This is a very informative thread and congrats to all those who have been selected in round 1.

I am a round 2 applicant and now getting really impatient .

@jaanviragu : my application status too is still "Application under process" .

I still have hopes too

mee tooo.. just checked the status today again... and is still "Application under process" ... fingers crossed
ankurgautam007 Says
What time will the result be announced in IST

read in another forum as 3 to 4 pm EST...

all the best all the R2 applicants.. hope many make through...

I got an email after the interview that March 14 is D Date ..for decisions.

And for those awaiting calls .. I think the system is that Till that Date, they issue interview calls. Atleast thats how Darden says it, so assume the same here in CMU too.


Goddamn Darden, just ding me or take me, dont make me wait
Sry fr loosing my cool there


Best of Luck to all Puys !!

hey i also got a mail soon after my iv from Dana telling .. your application is complete and the result will be informed on March 14th.

trying to keep myself kewl till i know the final decision
May I ask what were the Questions you asked? What were his responses?
I am a R2 applicant. Still waiting for interview.

hey Mourinhogmat1

i had asked abt an elective subject and the curriculum change which tepper is under going.

Had my intrvw yesterday with James Frick. Very light chat... Here is the sequence
- Ice Breaker... general chit chat
- walk us through ur profile
- Why MBA
- Why Tepper
- What's ur view on leadership...what's ur style
- Example of challenging situation u handled in team
- Hobbies outside of work
- Open for q&a;

lasted for around 35 mins...

Hoping for the best... fingers crossed

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raul_4u Says
What is ur profile ?

GMAT 700
3.5 yrs experience by (july 2011) in IT..
Good Acads
Good Extra Curr..

What about urs.. wats ur app status.. i have scheduled my iv on feb 23rd.
Hey Keerthy congrats for the interview call.. I am also an R2 applicant and waiting fo intv call ..

Request you to please share ur profile and also wanted to when did u receive the application complete email from Tepper ??

hey guys... i had sent one last pending document yesterday only.. to Dana... and by night i received the invite