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IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014

Congrats to every one who converted

Welcome to Joka!
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014

@darkstar.10 said:
@TnT@keeler.drummer Please tell me the duration of WAT ?
15 mins approximately
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@Omkarp said:
.....You could have marked all non-ambi questions. Stop to think that you could have marked all the question which had no issue with them, and say someone else could have marked all of the tainted ones.It is wrong to pass judgement on why there is outcry about something when there is. If nothing is wrong, then so be it, but even the Quant paper was ambi is evident from the fact that instis did not agree on answers in QA. That almost never happens.
omkar shaant ho ja.. i was saying the machine errors are limited to wrong feeding. there might be wrong answer keys as well but thats not a machine mistake
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IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@dktoprani said:
Freakishly my expected DM percentage was 59 and that turned out to be my actual percentage. So I am guessing, no changes in DM. Opinions and DM keys won't change over a few days. Ditto with QA, scored what I expected. 22 percentage. So I have no complaints with the keys, even though I have missed the QA cut-off by a mark or two maybe.
From my experience of using omr scanners and setting them up for evaluation, the only mistake can happen is while feeding the keys into the omr system. Other mistakes like non evaluation etc is rare in those cases the scores will be bizzare... not just 75% ile for a 90%iler
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IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@Chengaz said:
@TnT ,@keeler.drummer Guys,can u please share any site having samples of WAT format,topics etc..
Your mentor will tell you the WAT topics of last year
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@Kailashl said:
@keeler.drummer@TnTI am from an IIT , and have never heard of a CGPA to Percentage certificate being issued . We simply multiply it by 10.Is that proof mandatory ?
Well IIT Kanpur issues one, they gave me one. If there is no such things dont worry, they will multiply by 10.
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@thegodfather321 said:
@TnT@keeler.drummer@BatTheCat@techgodajaysirjee, i filled my interview center as Bangalore. but now i wish to get it changed to delhi. do you think it would be possible? its kinda important be in delhi .
Mail it to giving your reasons. It might work
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@chopinguy said:
What is the last date for sending the PGP Applciation Form of IIMC provided in their website?
@akku909 said:
@chopinguy Do v hav to send App form?? Nothing is mentioned on d site of dat sort..
no need to send any form
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IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014
@nousernaam said:
I have not received any communication from my mentor, should i be worried?My name is Pritish Roy
Well each of the mentors individually mail. Our exams start from tomorrow and thus some of the mentors may have deiced to hold back a little.

You will get an email from your mentors.
@facemash said:
What is the time limit for WAT??
The time limit should be around 15 minutes or two pages of a ruled A 4 sheet. (last year this was the case, may change as there is no GD this year)
IIM Calcutta Batch of 2014