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Good to see you guys kickin' in...

Over to you, 44/14...do what you do best


...and then there were none

Isn't it time to start the random bakar?


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Please contact DG in case of any reimbursements and claims that may arise on account of an unexpected lapse of the aforementioned guarantee.
Please take care of your belongings. Management will not be responsible for theft or loss of property.
Humaare yahan shaadi aur party ke order bhi liye jaate hain.
Clearly, Bored&Jobless;@Work.com!


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Apart from what DG and TrueBlue have posted, there is also something to be said about the exam being an exercise in futility, if 200 out of 300 people end up giving the exam. The entire point during summers, or at any stage in the recruitment process for that matter, is differentiation. How you do it, and to what extent, is largely up to you.
My point of view, of course...
Besides, live it up as much as you can right now without worrying too much about these details....once you get to Cal, it'll get tough. I can say, mostly on account of profound and painful personal experience, that the environment will be of the sorts few would have been exposed to earlier.
You'll have to work hard, but remember that this is NOT all you should be doing. C will offer you a chance to build yourself up, to round your profile... No dearth of clubs, sports and extracurrix.
The only thing that'll pinch you, is lack of time.
At any rate - it WILL be the best two years of your life. Money back guarantee.


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Hey Soumyajyoti

NCFM tests are conducted all throughout the year... the only catch therein being the availability of seats at particular centers... Centers are there in nearly all the big cities around India including Caluctta...

About how much does this certification help... Seniors could you please shed some light on the same...


I've posted about it coupla pages back...in the pre-madness days...
Look it up...sorry, I'm too hard pressed to put in a link for the post...

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Yes, we are here

Seniors, is it possible to arrange for last years'paper? People like me who studied engg some 6 years back are really worried about this..

@QualiMath: We'll be helping you guys out by way of assignments and tutorials once you get to campus. Be sure to carry along some Class XII/ First yr engg. math books - they do come in handy sometimes.
And don't fret too much..the paper is easy enough and just tests your fundamentals in general high school mathematics. You will need the same at one point or the other over the course of two years @ C..


P.S: @Junta who's checking the thread every ten minutes looking for our responses to random people from god-knows-where: Sorry! The threads back on track (hopefully!)
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Non IIM & Non MBA to Desiguru et el and Hail Hel(L) et el:
Why, Mr. DG, X, Y, Hail Hel(L), Z, A? Why? Why do you do it? Why? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? Something more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it gyan or truth? Perhaps peace? Could it be for love?
Illusions, Mr. DG, X Y, Hail Hel(L), Z, A. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence without meaning or purpose. And all as artificial as the MBA/IIM itself, although, only a human mind could invent something as insipid as these. You must be able to see it Mr. DG, X Y, Hail Hel(L), Z, A. You must know it by now. You can't win. There's no point in fighting. And for what? Why, Mr. DG, X Y, Hail Hel(L), Z, A? Why? Why do you persist?

Matrix fan here, L & G!
Nice post...

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Cccc, U ppl even refuse to differentiate good humor.. I was having a take on ur Desiguy who had very cleverly hailed C by applying similar logic. And refurbished small bathrooms and stuff, so that ppl think that the only thing bad about C is weather, Bathrooms, and else while everything else rocks..

Jesus, man, we get it, we get it....don't make things worse by explaining your 'jokes'.
And my post was in a lighter vein too. I'm sure you have more sense than you pretend to have...

Hail Hel(L) Says
Vaguefunda has very clearly mentioned the gist of the fight. Though his name is vague his fundamentals are clear

Yup. Good humour. Very good humour.

By the way, that last post of yours was much better. Made a lot more sense than all the others combined.


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Amidst all the Kayoss here just a query

Why is the band called JBS Baroc ? Sounds more like a bank

PS: I guess my internship is not keeping me too busy

:biggrin: Those are the best ones, dude!

Shhh! And don't say it sounds like a bank man...people will start off on the Fin side of it all :P

Trueblues let it out - it did sound like a vaguefunda to us first too, though...
But we like tradition here...
JBS BaroC rawkzz!


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You are brilliant man...I really want to know what is your score in RC??:crazyeye: :crazyeye:

wait...were you called for PI? :lookroun: :lookroun:


Francisco rocks!!!

Ingliss ingliss go away...

By the way, Ha/eil Hell or whatever it is, next time you make a career decision, keep the weather out of it.
And you should know (as I'm sure you do - the weather patterns around Calcutta being an important part of your discourse), it gets very windy out there too. Bad for placements and sailing, you know. And we can hardly ever light the fires in our caves.

The stuff of every blood-curling Hollywod horror movie - Eeeeeek! My prof is a leftist! Help!
Your point being, young one?

I'm a centrist liberal anti-nudist. At least on Tuesdays, after 2 P.M :lookroun:

Dude - Get a life. Seriously

No offence meant, all in jest and all that jazz!



P.S: Paste it their WRANG!
Paste it there KRAACKT!
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