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Even though you would hate to admit, but it still is true. My i/v really went good (I have the full details posted on this forum) & still I m on the reject list, which shocked me like anything. ISB is consciously trying to reduce to bare minimum the number of people with significantly higher work ex .. especially people with work ex close to or above 10 years (like me & probably Kavith2010) ..
This is very clear and following can be the reasons for the same:

- Companies coming to ISB expect most of the people having work ex of 3-6 years in the class. So they have a fairly good idea of the kind of role that they will offer to people in mind. People with work ex of more than 9-10 years do not fall in that bracket. Those people have a little higher expectation from the role and end up unsatisfied. ISB do not want such people in the class any more.
- People with more than 9 yrs work ex have higher salary (easily far more than 10 lacs) .. That hurts ISB's incoming salary. ISB is not sure whether it will be able to place those guys at more than double that salary. Hence it affects ISB's outgoing / incoming salary ratio (which is 2.1 right now), which they don't want as it is one of the criteria of the FT's ranking system.

I totally agree that they dont want to reduce the outgoing:incoming salary ratio... as that would directly affect the FT rankings.... so higher earning applicants are at a disadvantage!!! at the end of the day it's all a numbers game. no offense to the other higher-workex candidates who got thru.
moreover if enterpreneurship is the goal, the candidate wouldnt get categorised as 'risky' either, as he/she would opt out of placement and wont affect the numbers.
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c_syama Says
Congrats to all those who got in...I have a question for you..Is there anyone with more than 9yrs exp who got the admit? As far as I see I don't find anyone with that much exp...It worries me...I am an R2 applicant..

Although I hate to admit it, I think this year they intentionally tried to avoid higher work exp candidates. Many people I know didnt even get interview calls, and many candidates who did and I think deserve to get thru, havent. This only reaffirms the rumors about their difficulty in placing similar candidates last year, which was my biggest concern about ISB. I think you'd be better off targeting IIMs as their programs are geared for higher exp candidates aiming to get into senior mgmt.
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Dinged! Feel cheated!

Sent my 2L to IIMB today....
Thanks everybody for making this whole process enjoyable though...

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Hi All,

I am based out of Dubai and planning to select Delhi as the interview location. I am not too comfortable with telehonic interviews/skype. (i.e. only if i get a i/v call)
  1. Can anyone advice, how much in advance does ISB send out interview calls?
  2. Just out of curiosity, is there any specific i/v location in India that has maximum selection rates?
  3. Is it better to select HYD as i/v location over other cities?

I dont think Location matters... you do get to see the campus if you pick Hyd. so that's a plus. you are intimated 3-7 days before your scheduled interview date.
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kapilk_agrawal Says
Moderator needs to approve the membership before you can access it.

but i dont even see the group listed...
I just sent a request to join the yahoo group. I searched the group at group.yahoo.com but could not see it!
- Shailendra

same here!
maverickx Says
And how much is the initial amount to be paid?I mean if it is not a big figure then there might be some guys who will say yes to them and then later not turn up in case they find greener pastures..

2 lakh INR.
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I subscribed, but didnt get any email back.

frmmarinertomba Says
have any of u guys rather puys who got iimB admit tried to call ISB

no... am planning to wait until tomorrow.

IIMB says the physical DD should reach them by 25th (no direct deposit, etc) so that means we should send it latest by 24th. even that'll be cutting it too close.
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Congrats for the admit mate....I dunno what college you will choose eventually but I did my undergrad from Bangalore and i absolutely love the city...great that you have an admit with you now,and a very good one at that!!

I think for once you can take NV2008's advice and contact ISB to find out your result maybe on 24th....I think you cant take the risk of not responding to IIMB waiting for ISB results!!

anyways....for now just go on and party hard!!

yes... especially since they expect a DD and all by deadline date!

I think ISB results will be out well before 25th, if not 20th.
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