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_*Editor's note:* Guest writer and IIM Ahmedabad student SG Shrinivas believes that the actual life as an MBA student is far from what is portrayed in the media, and those preparing for admissions should not base their d

@Ayush, Where did you do your MBA from? anc can someone tell me is this the case for a 1 year MBA prg as well

Hello All,
Has been a silent spectator of this thread all this while,and now tht the results are out just felt like sharing my experience,
This was the second tym i was attending the BLP, earlier attempt was for the Oct batch,as a result was twice as confident of getting selected this time,
Had my GD on 3 feb in bangalore,had a very good gd, 7 out of 8 were selected from my group.
Then had a PI, which went very well, the panel gave me subtle hints as if they were seriously considering my candidature.
The most important reason for me getting into this program was because my financial situation is not that well off, I lost my father 2 years back, and am the only earner in my family.
So after giving the interview, was 90% sure of getting in, to add to my confidence, got a call from HR to confirm my email id 2 days back, that added 9 more % to my confidence, so the total 99% now.
When i did not get any mails last nite, i was confident of getting one in the morning, checked till 10 am and no mails :|
Called up the helpline and the guy said i was not shortlisted :banghead: :banghead::banghead:, and i can't believe it till now:shock::shock::shock:,I have not made it after coming so close, i believe luck is not in my favour, coz apart from luck I can't figure out any reason for not getting selected( 4.5 yrs of It exp in banking, good gd, good pi) .It was the best I could do and I believe I actually did my best.

Anyways my heartfelt congratulations to all those who are selected, party hard ppl, it is not everyday you get such kind of opportunity.

As for me, please pray that my luck turns in my favour and I do become successful someday.

Thanks Sachin, please let me know when you get them....

Did anyone in bangalore able to get the mock test papers that Rav Sir arranged for us?
Can anyone else in mumbai help me get those papers, I'll pay for the courier and other expenses.

Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
MAH-CET, another important entrance examination for MBA aspirants MAH-CET test will be conducted on *Sunday, February 21, 2010 *at 2:00 PM at Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhuvaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Indore,

@snehabhalla You are still eligible to give CET

Yes Nikki there sure is a center in mysore.Till last year they had center even at bangalore but this year for GOD only knows for what reasons they have not provided a center at bangalore but there is a center at muysore for sure.....

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Please help I am in a desperate need of some mock papers so that I can evaluate myself. Please can anyone help.....

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Hello Puys,
anyone from bangalore giving cet, wanted to form a study group, and share mocks, pm me

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