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hi deiv007...

u need d following documents:

1.Fees structure & schedule of fees payment.
2.Original call/offer letter.

If you call the admission department, they will send you the fees break-up letter by courier.


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Hi guys,
Hope everyone is fine ! I am Sonia. I am happy to say I've got a ticket into Alliance ! I've read all the posts regarding Alliance and I feel its very helpful and informative. Thanks guys... Good luck to everyone too ! I have a query so thought i'd send a post to the group. Does anyone know about the EMBA offered at Alliance ? I know the program is in the pilot phase. I spoke to the Head of Admissions and she said the course content is the same. How will the placements be ? Does anyone have any information regarding the EMBA ? Please help !

hiii....Alliance is going to introduce 12 months full time EMBA from this session onwards.It will begin in the month of August.you will also have two foreign tours -one in Asia & the other in US/Europe.So you have approx 10/11 months to complete the course.It is for people having 3 years + work ex.Being the first batch you have to consider many factors.Either you will get very good companies paying hefty packages as you already have 3+ work ex.You can also expect lateral placements. this is a possible scenario as being the first batch, the college will try its best to provide the best of placements & industry interface.also competition will be negligible as compared to the 2 years full time MBA program Or you might end up in the same pool of students joining the flagship program MBA 2 years full time.then you have to fight to beat the rest.this scenario is a possibility as this is the first batch & companies/industries might not trust the employability at the middle level or senior level management which you will be definetely eying for.You might land up in the junior level only. So I explained both the sides.My take is 55:45 when comparing 2 years full time MBA : 1 year EMBA.

Finally you have to take the call.All the best.
hey guys....got thru sdmimd mysore n xime bangalore
will be joining xime bangalore...:cheerio:
so wont be joining alliance now...50k gone:drinking:
best of luck to everyone...cheers:thumbsup:

congrats.best of luck for your future.

IBS Hyderabad ahead of ISB Hyd & SP Jain Mumbai in Marketing....
Amity,Noida ahead of FMS overall....

ET is making mockery of itself.Giving any random ranks to moreover all the B Schools & Universities in India so that everyone has some pie in the share & no B Schools stop participating in the ridiculous B School surveys from the next year.

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amity 14th n FMS 15th.... joke of the decade...

similarly... Pimp ahead of K.J....


mate...it should be the joke of the century................
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like on the value of ABS...
is ABS same as ASM...
placement scene of such a large batch of 500 students..

lets take it one by one...

1.Value of ABS- Alliance University School of Business is a BRAND in the league of colleges such as IBS Hyderabad, BIMTECH Noida,SDMIMD Mysore,We School, ITM, XIME,Christ to name a few.The point of differentiation in college ranking comes as Alliance is not AICTE recognised.And everyone knows what it takes to get an AICTE recognition.Alliance University has its roots from Alliance Business Academy which was affiliated to Bangalore University & one of the best B Schools in South India after Tier 1 B Schools.But in 2010, Alliance University was formed so that it becomes autonomous & could equip its students with world class education, infrastructure, industry interface,placements,etc..I have stayed in Bangalore for last 9 years.I know this from word of the mouth as well as from interacting with many seniors & pass outs.But its true that the fees is high wrt the colleges that I have mentioned.So you have to decide your monetary priority.whether you will be able to cope up with the fee structure, you will take a loan or your parents can pay it off,etc.May be most of us have taken alliance as we could not get through some colleges which ranked higher than it.If the fees was 2 lakh rupees less we would not have discussed much but the fact is that as Alliance is providing us a platform to fulfill our dream which we might have missed, so there is a price to pay.

2.ABS same as ASM- No, absolutely not.These two are different entities in every respect.Moreover it is known for UG programs.ASM has no rankings, no pedagogy, no intellect capital as ABS does, even if they are coming under the same umbrella called Alliance.The exposure is limited & it is preferred mostly by the local students of Bangalore & Karnataka.I will try to provide you more details in a few days time.

3.Placement- Well it's a million dollar question.And another thing is ROI...yes,thats the buzz word.but trust me you will definitely get your desirable ROI depending upon the hard work you put on.Hard work always pays off.And when there are 700 approx batch mates you have to give an extra effort.Whats wrong in that?You are going to become a manager, going to lead a team, going to get the best out of the worst situations.So take it as a challenge.Believe me the placement scenario is going to improve in the 2010-2012 batch & then our batch 2011-13 .For the exact data please refer to the following post on page 32 of this forum- http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/alliance-university-school-of-business-2011-13-25061546

Please take your decision wisely & do not let anything to compromise your decision.But when you take it, be confident & be happy of what you have decided.
mjbpt Says
complete;y buying your point.. but i was wondering if cud get a bit help and guidance in deciding the col to choose for MBA...

Definetely mate.....

Shoot any queries.I will try my best to help you out.
Yes that seems to be the case.A few months back I checked Alliance School of Management's website but at that point only undergraduate programs were offered there.I checked earlier today and was surprised to find out that they offer MBA and also most of the faculty at The School of Business work at ASM including Dr.Angur.

I am planning to personally visit the city campus tomorrow and find out more.

great.do that & please let us know what ASM is all about.it will clear all our doubts.
mjbpt Says
alliance has got a lower ranking than BIIM,pune according to the survey.... avg pckgs also seem to be d same... but then why should i go for alliance over BIIM despite alliance's fees being double of BIIM??????????


No body can force you to take Alliance over any other B school.Its your choice purely.Alliance has never marketed itself like most of the pvt B school does nor has it ever boasted about any high packages. what Alliance has is the word of mouth of the students & professionals studying there which can never be dubious...

Be it any college in the same league of Alliance & other pvt B schools in India it's you who has to perform above the rest & hop on the best package.If you think you have it in you then sky is the limit.

Best of luck for your future ...:thumbsup:
hey guys ... some gud news..

we have been ranked as the 5th best private B-School in India by CNBC TV18

IIMs top CNBC-TV18's B-school rankings - India News - IBNLive

hip hip hurray...I never judged Alliance with any ranks before taking admission but never mind.It can boost up the confidence of many others who are in a contemplative mood whether to take admission or not.