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Converted BM.

Please tell me how is the course and the future prospects for BM. Dont have much of an idea about BM.
Please also tell the placement stats for BM


all is good as long as you are confident.......if you are interested go for it..
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joining MBA Capital Market....!!

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By when will the subsequent lists be declared..? I have 649 merit no. in CM..what are my chances??

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Cap Market- 649
Banking- 7**....what are the chances of conversion??

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not good :banghead:..

ATB all

dATE: 1st March

Slot: Morning..

NMAT: 217 work ex: 11 months


GD: topic : Group 12 ppl..1 girl :wow:..Westerners post the age of 18 work their way through college an are independent financially...while Indian students generally are debt free post college when they finally start working as parents take the entire financial burden ..does it make them better/worse individuals..

Managed to initiate the discussion..introduce myself..topic and gave my view..independent,responsible for the Westerners..

after that it was a chaos ...all trying to speak simultaneously..moderators intervened..

then the discussion revolved around culture(indian of course),guidance,moral..n stuff...repetitive like hell..

managed to speak twice in between..guys not willing to listen..

concluded in a single line stating my view

Ps: would say the group had guys stuck to their viewpoint and wouldn't listen to anyone...cant say how it went for me.. :

PI: three panelists( p1-a nice lady p2,p3-Gentlemen)

ME: Good morning

p1-tell me about yourself...ME: started
p2-you look tired?
Me: yes ,have been traveling,..reached mumbai this morning so...

p2-alright...tell me something that would cheer you up..any topic..
Me : thought for a moment then said online gaming
p3-ok...games like?
ME: Texas Hold 'em poker ,Farmville


p3- what is a poker face??

ME: told

then questions on cards counting,if its ethical..would you do it,...n stuff
Me: told

p3:what other games??
ME: counter strike,FIFA..

p2-asked about some major gaming platform/company I wasn't aware of..

Me: sorry sir,haven't heard of it...

p1,p2,p3: :wow:


have you heard of angry birds??

ME: that I am..at first i denied ...then recollected and told..

p1-ok...tell me about your work ex..

ME: told..

p1- 2 things you've learned from it..??

Me: time management,team work(was in a support project : so..)

p1-why mba??

ME: told

p1-what specialisation and why

Me: finance ...told

p1-asked about some financial abbrv..

Me: sorry Ma'am..haven't heard of it..

p1--two foreign banks in india..
Me: told..also named HDFC :banghead: along with those..

p1- their CEOs??

ME: :wow: no clue...

I know this lady who is the CEO of icici but can't recollect her name

p1- tell me the name...

ME: thought for a while...then from nowhere a name popped "NANDA KOCHAR"

all three laughing...p1-its chanda

M: sorry ,yes..n D Subbarao for RBI..

p1- alright.give me two examples where a business uses real time processes..

ME: thinking....

banking: ATMs...p1 : what does ATM stand for..Me: told :o

p1-ok and??
couldn't think of another then :banghead:

p2-how did you book your tickets??

Me: then I realized..Makemytrip, Cleartrip all are real time..I told

p3- two three times ...you sure??
ME: yes sir...:wow:

p1-asked about the simulation game in MBA colleges..

ME: told...and it's advantages :D

p2-what do you want to do for the society and which sector?
Me: something with the education sector..back at home..
p2: like??

Me: like open a school maybe..

p2- there are good schools already there..

Me: yes,,but only for the privileged ..something to improve the elementary education system for the under-privileged ..

p2- alright..have you don anything or which association would you donate to if you would..

Me: Teach for India...it's a good cause and also told them I tried to enter the fellowship program but couldn't clear the interview :p

p1-do you read??
ME: not that much of a reader...I do read newspapers..books very few..last one was revolution 20-20 by Chetan Bhagat and into the wild ..have read half of it...

panelists: alright Kaushal...thank you...
ME: Thank you ma'am...thank you sir...

PS: I can't judge..hopeful anyways


GD/PI tomorrow...Bangalore..afternoon slot..

ATB all.....:cheers:

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NRHM scam...wikilink- Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


for current rates- http://www.rbi.org.in/home.aspx
Macroeconomic and Monetary Developments: Third Quarter Review 2011-12- http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=25835

thats enough to digest for today

DreamSeeker Says
Avinash , how do u have so much patience ? even if we ask you the same questions again and again u reply providing complete details, unlike other threads where they say ' Refer previous posts'. Salute u man!!! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the GDPI

sECond that...good work Avinash..:cheers:...Thanks to other seniors as well..:clap:

Seniors...How much time does the entire process consume?? I have my Gd/Pi on 28th, 1:30 PM.Have to leave for Mumbai on the same day. Got to plan my travel accordingly.

got it...sorry ...didnt read the posts above..