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"For a final conversion one should preferably have a score of 98%ile because XAT score has a 65% weight in the final score. The components of the balance 35% are 5% for work experience, 10% each for GD and Interview and 10% for Academics, Essay and GK"

Can anyone confirm this?

  • read the xat prospectus of this yr!!!. 11h.
  • Link?. 11h.
Ppl! While filling our work-ex, what should be the 'Till date' that we need to fill? Is it 31/01/2016 or some other date? I tried surfing the website. But couldn't find any clue. Please share if you have any idea

in this section what is the meaning of Work Experience(TCS)  ??

DarShan Shinde @Darshao
Hello everyone. And congratulations! :smiley:

Is ther any chance for the date to change if I can email the office. The guy on the line was completely dismissive and outright rude!