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Rahul G @GEE05
Find the error ! A. Personal success is built on the foundation of character. B. Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. C. It's something you must take responsibility for creating. D. You build character by how you respond to what happens in ...

I think the answer option should be BD

Shri Baba Ramdev @eshanrock
For most people, work is nothing but drudgery. Same task, same people, same politics. ts is a sameness that sucks the creative juice out of the individual. But for the compensation at the end of the month, they would not be doing what thy are. Financial security and social status are tied to the...

How is it B, it is digressing from the flow of the passage!

siddhant mohanty @siddhantm
Like so many self centered traits , arrogance in others ______ the arrogance in us , or its opposite of timidity and self doubt ; confronted with arrogance , we might erupt indignantly or we might lapse into dwelling _______ on our own limitations. a.activates , piteously b.plummets , pensively...

Does anyone know how much of the 90k will be refunded if someone cancels their admission?

Thanks in advance

  • When ll we get to knw waitlist is cleared or not ??. 10 May.
  • 89k.. 09 May.