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Hi Guys,
Please evaluate my chances for course starting next yr 2012 . Please provide realistic chances. Profile :

Age : 31+
Exp : 9+ (by April 2012) Overseas: 6 months
GMAT : 670/5.0(AWA)
Employers : CapGemini (Current), PwC Kolkata, TCS Kolkata
Extra curricular : Decent in School.
Xth : 77; XIIth : 74; Engg : 80% (Avg College- 2002)
Certs and Awards : Few technical certs & PMP, ITIL

Work exp in multiple domain and various roles including Business Analyst, Tech lead, Team Lead, Business Development etc

Currently : Project & Tech Lead for multimillion dollar project.

Thanks, Nishant

It seems that you are from the most competitive pool i.e. IT pool. Please aim for having 700+ score, it will increase your chances. Otherwise, you will have to showcase something which really differentiates you from others IT applicants. Hope this helps.
Dear Nebulous,
Even though hard to believe but it seems quite possible now.
Lets see if this is deadend or some more wait on the cards..
(they are saying we havenot activated the list.. may be in coming times some miracle happens))

Lets see what others have got..

I also got the same message. Though, with the kind of wait list number that I got, I never believed that I can make it
I am WL-3 and haven't heard anything yet... even though i got IIM-L noida offer today, I
Will wait till 15 jan.. otherwise god bless IIM-A


I have also accepted offer from IIMC PGPEX. I hope at least few wait listers for IIMA should get through. Best of luck to you and others.
We all believe/know that the final results are an outcome of weighted average scores of GMAT, SOP, Writing skills, Interview, Years of Exp, Academics, profile, etc.....GMAT is a direct indicator and influences this score....as you all see the above list...so none can be blamed for the wait/rejection....

Btw, my score is abysmally lw at 640......and if IIML has a scope to pull down their average GMAT scores accepted to say 680-690, then only they wud consider low score candidates.....I just tried maths by adding 2 640 candidates to above list and average score comes down to 692....

I am also in. I won't be joining as I already have admit from PGPEX. Congrats to all admits!

chandumandu Says
Check the IIM Calcutta website

Congrats Chandu!
You can refer to page 117 of this thread to know about joining formalities of eGroup created for PGPEX V Admits.
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first of all congrats strongbow for making it to both the places ..
i am inclined to concur with you when i see my IIMC results and interview ..mine interview was also 10-15 minutes and was very basic saying hello types..

however IIMB interview lasted about 35 minutes and got a thumbs up from one of the prof at the end ...so not sure what to make out of it .. am sure the profile was same at both the places .iimb did not bless my profile and was really shocked to not see my name in iimb list whereas didnt expect to make it to IIMC.so cannot objectively deduce anything atleast from my experience.

I also agree with you and Strongbow.
I think how someone review and assign objectivity rating to our profiles would have contributed to eventual selection/rejection. Each institute must be having their own weighted parameter system, depending on type of batch they want to let in. All such criterias could explain different experience that we have w.r.t. selection/rejection in IIMB/IIMC through profile was same.

I am also in.

It has been roller coaster ride for me since last few months.

First, I got waitlisted for IIMA. With still some hope for IIMA, I went to IIMC for interview. As I came out of the interview room, I thought it is better to focus on IIMB now since I will not be able to go to Calcutta soon. Meanwhile, I got IIMA waitlist number which dashed my hope for this year making to IIMA. I had an excellent interview for IIMB and was hoping for a selection. When IIMB results were out, I was shocked and could only visualize myself applying for next year applications for IIMs. I was not even checking IIMC site when my wife called me and said that I am in.

Its good to get a breather now!


Depth: Its true that theres a lot crammed in the course. But it depends on your interest and inclination how much you want to engage with a particular topic. If there is something of your interest, you may have to compromise on something else. Thats perfectly fair.

Entrepreneurship: I am sure you must have heard that MBA doesn't mean you will excel in entrepreneurship. It requires a different DNA and a host of external factors. However, having said that few things that can directly help after IIMB are knowledge of some fundamentals in Finance, Accounting and most importantly the brand power that you can leverage. Some students have developed that confidence and may get into entrepreneurship few years down the line.

Also, there are already a couple of entrepreneurs in our batch who would go back to their ventures.

I am glad you brought the point of immediate ROI here.

@Everyone, please don't benchmark such programs with an incoming/outgoing ratio. We are too senior for that factor to kick in. Ask yourself the question that without this MBA, would you be better off for the next 20 years of your career?

You have NSRCEL entrepreneurial cell at IIMB. How does it helps somebody in fulfilling his/her dream to be an entrepreneur? In 1st and 2nd batch, do you have instances where someone has taken NSRCEL cell's help for entrepreneurship?
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WL: 21
Academic results: Above 80% in school and 1st class in B.Tech
Education: Bachelors from a reputed Institute, few certifications
Experience: IT/Product Management/12.
Achievement in job: Lead vertical level initiative in current organization. Awards in current and previous organization.
Extra curr: Good till college, nothing that stands out during job.
GMAT: 720(Q - 49, V - 40, AWA - 5).
First shot at IIMA

Interview was normal. In retrospect, I think I should have been more articulate in explaining my short and long term goals after PGPX.


If you remember me, I think I and my friend met you at IIMA campus during dinner time. We had a good chat about the PGPX and roamed around campus during night. My friend from telecom industry has got admission this year.

Sorry Ironduke,
Didn't see your messages prior to making my post. Nonetheless, left it for benefit of others. INSEAD does have an expedited process option, they have it on their website.

I don't have any information on why they have kept a WL till 21. So any input from my side, would just be a speculation. Would keep updating the thread if I get some information on WL.

All the best!

All the best!

I read somewhere in the post that IIMA converted all wait-list into offer last year. Though there were seats for 90, they ended up with 86 confirmation. If more participants would have been on wait list, more offers could have been extended. Inability to do so due to restricted wait list would have meant closing the batch size at 86. It would have meant loss of revenue for IIMA for those 4 seats and opportunity to add more diversity to the class. Perhaps, aforementioned situation has instigated the institute to keep a long wait list this time. Even if some of the wait listers like me won't make this time, it will not impact IIMA anyway.
All above are my thoughts and open for debate.