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OG11/12 are good only for practice..and from what i have read on the net, OG books contain very few 700+ level questions. So, if you are aiming for mid and high 700 score, i am nt sure which book u need to follow (Do let me know if u find one). My opinion is- If one goes thru the basic stuff and approach the questions in OG 11/12, OG Verbal guide and Quant guide in the right manner, 700+ is attainable without much fuss

Hi Sumeet,
PowerPrep S/W- u get 2 free GMAT tests from GMAC- these can be dowloaded from www.mba.com

SC- go for Manhattan SC
CR- PowerScore CR or Manahattan CR

For RC and Quant, u can check the Manhattan GMAT books or the regular CAT material or Kaplan premiere

What kind of information can be expected from the ISB info session?

Any one here targeting US B-schools for next year..??