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There is no match in our offer and wait list for the information you have provided"



Got Waitlisted in SOM... SC-32.. Wat re my chances?? Seniors plz help... One final hope after NITIE disaster

Feel very depressed for not converting IIM-C.. Will there be a second waiting list at all?? When does it come if at all it comes?? Belong to SC category...

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_(Photo credit: Great Lakes by Shiva Jeevanantham)_ After championing the cause of the one-year MBA for seven years, the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai has introduced a traditional two-year MBA p
Karthikeyan S @Karthik032

considering that new classrooms, hostels and other infrastructure are under construction, will the pgdm be as good as the 2 yr mba from other renowned b schools?? can one apply for both pgdm and pgpm??

Hi pagalguys!!

Can ne1 pls help this poor guy who wants TIME material but doesn wan 2 join TIME coaching as CAT is jus 5 months away? If u wan I can also return u the material after november.

As of now I'm in chennai(4 the next 1 month or so) then I'l go to Nagpur. If u're somewhere els I'l pay u the courier charges. Generous junta can take a step 2 help me by pming me the details of ur address, contact no..