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FB n Google Group is in progress and you will have lots of space to seak-up. Do not start any such threads here.

You have ample amount of time to know your batchmates, so relax.


If permitted by the moderators can all the people who have converted introduce themselves, until some facebook page comes up for all the converted?It ll be great to knw people with whom we are going to spend 2 years!!
If approval will be given I can begin with it!

Dear Vignesh,

Some banks ask for collateral and some dont.

If you have any branches near-by then you can check out banks like SBI, Union Bank etc and learn the formalities. But there is no need to hurry.
Stalls will be put-up in the college during the initial days.

- Placements are far off. You will have ample time to prepare.

- College does send a email with the details of formalities to be completed. However, the website result is a confirmation in itself.

Njoy the holidays before the ride 'B'egins :)


vignesh4020710 Says
Do you need any collateral for loan? Do we need parents signature as co-signer?

@Niks - congrats for the convert.. n very good Fin stuff..
many Fin courses awaiting at 'B' :)

I am reproducing post number 56. Sorry as i am not aware about pagalguy posting and all...

Will also share my interview in a day or two.

X: 85.1
XII: 85.1
Grad: 68.8
CAT: 96.8
Work ex: 16 months
CA-P1,P2,Final: AIR 26,21,04. All India highest in one subject and exceptional performance in every subject of CA course.
CFA L-1: Cleared with highest grade in all the tested areas.
Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK.
A few certificate courses from ICAI.
Loads of extra curricular and a few position of responsibility.

Hope it justifies the convert.

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@prasad - keep tracking the threads of 'A' n 'C' converts. I'm sure there will be a spreadsheet which will track the movements. Or you can create it yourself and ask the puys to fill it.

It will be useful to everyone.

Congrats to all who have converted their calls...:)

My NC-OBC wait list - 15... :banghead:

Seniors any hope???
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@Skrillex - im not sure of w/l movements but as per last year, w/l 8 has a good chance of convert.
But you need to realize it will be a different picture this year. But either way 8 could get through, as there will be movement to 'A' n 'C'.

Hey Karthik, please help me out try to understand the agony we are in...
What is the wait list movement for SC Category last year? Its urgent my friend has WL 8? Any chances?
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btw many congrats to all the converts.. and best wishes to all the w/l candidates..

the actual journey begins now..make sure u njoy your holidays to the fullest :)

And do keep posting your queries

@abhi - As such you wont have a specific window to check the w/l movement. But you will be informed by the college in case you convert.
However you can always check the status by calling up the college administration or you will have a updated number for w/l on the results page (not sure of this).
There is no such window where movement is stopped. I have some friends who converted their w/l within a week from the start of the college.

Senior Puys need your help.
How do we track wait-list movement? Does it get updated in the Website? If yes, how frequently is it updated? what is the window during which the wait-list movement will continue i.e. beyond which there is no reasonable chance of a wait-list movement?

@stayingfoolish - By 'session' did u mean ur college ? If so term-1 will tentatively start from June 18-20 ( my guess based on last year's date ).
You will be informed by the college of the official start. Enjoy till then.

stayingfoolish Says
when does the session starts .....any idea about the dates.... one fight ends and the other begins .... now have to fight for relieving certificates .... dam these IT companies for having 3 months of notice period .......
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Satish Chandra Buriuly, student, IIM Ranchi class of 2012_ You could call this a different kind of 'rags to riches' story. Only, there were no rags and there are no riches either. Satish Chandra Buriuly's sto

amazing achievement Satish.. scoring 80 odd with so many difficulties in life is much better than a 100% with lots of prep-institutes support..

Dear iamtheguy,

Last year we had to check the results individually. Those wait-listed might have been informed while checking the result i.e. on the result page.

Wait-list will be for all categories which are considered for selection.

However, whether to publish it or inform it through the result page, is completely at the discretion of the institute.


iamtheguy Says
seniors .. does the institute publish a waiting list ?? .. if yes ... is dis for general category only ? or we have for other categories also ... ?? thnx .. !!!

Finals Placements 2011 - Report


roby_chillz Says
How about last year's report with figures and statistics, can we have a link?