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Hi Seniors,

I have a query for you.
What are my chances for SIOM with the below profile?

My SNAP score is 66.5
10th - 73 %
12th - 54.2 %:-(
BTech - 81.6 %

and I have an work ex of 28 months in IT.

Along with that, I have decent extra curricular.

Hi Seniors,

I am getting a score of 68-70 in SNAP and my acads are like this
10th - 73%
12th - 54.2%
BTech(Information Technology) - 81.6%
My sectionals are balanced with 25% in each...
Have an experience of 2 and half years...
What are my chances of getting a call....?

My total as per the calculations is coming around 88-90...

I wont be getting the marks allotted for acads as my 12th % is less than 60?


Because of some unavoidable conditions, I couldn't send my form on time i.e. by 24th Dec. I have sent it on 28th Dec and it would have reached the admissions office by 30th Dec but the status is not yet updated on the site.
Was wondering if the application is rejected as it couldn't reach on time?
Can NITIE seniors help me out with this?

Form No. 99510

Guys can anybody post the cutoffs (if any), I missed the test so planning to write it at home.


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Puys is there any SJMSoM GD/PI experience thread running for this year... i tried searching the same but couldnt find one.... if there isnt any than we can create one....

I had my GD/PI y'day in afternoon slot... would like to share my exp.

Hi Puys,

I came across this thread 2 days back only and I really wanna thank abhi for such a nice initiative.
Although I haven't read all the posts but the experience has been gr8. Be it pallavi's interview or shruti's interview or for that matter each n everyones most embarassing moments... i loved it all.... :happy:

Thanks a lot to everyone associated with PoH...

I just wanted to share a small incident which really made my day...
Happiness as they say can be in any form... Sometimes a small gesture of care and love can create miracles....

Y'day I was going to office by office bus. Our bus was somewhere near to Bomanahalli. There was this guy on a Kinetic Honda who was trying to squeeze thr the gap btwn our bus n another vehicle. He tried at couple of occassions but couldnt succeed. Finally after few seconds we felt a little jerk and on looking out from the window I saw that guy and his bike lying on the road. I think he wasnt hurt much and moreover it was his fault as he was riding in a rash manner. This guy then started abusing our bus driver and was trying to open the driver's door. Unable to do that, he removed his helmet and banged on the window. He did it again and the window was shattered into pieces. At this point, I thought the driver will get down n will beat him black n blue, but he just started the bus n moved on. After a while, he just turned back to ask the ppl sitting right behind him whether they were OK. That was indeed a touching gesture from him.
On reaching the campus, I noticed that his seat was full of glass pieces. He seemed to be fine and wen i asked him that y didnt he react at tht time, he said that u all ppl were there in the bus n coz of me u could hav got late.

Hats off to the driver.... :happy:

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Just called the admissions office of SPJIMR....
they said the list will be out by 3:00 PM....
Best of Luck to all...


Me too.....

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