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Hi Jingbanglot,

Results have been declared for both the batches and its heartening to see that everyone's hard work has paid well in the end. The fucchas are having a hard time managing the post- diwali excitement with their exams preps.

Neways all the best for tomm's Quant and Marketing papers



Well well well , holidays on campus for a week
we break today for diwali break and shall reassemble on the 12th



Quite true,, even we seniors have heard a lot abt the "FRENCH" connection

Mind updating on the who's and the what's of that class???

Hi JingBangLot,

Mid sems have begun on campus. the schedule today was,
1-business to business marketing in the first half
2-derivatives:wow: / performance management:) in the second

quite interestingly not all electives have mid sems this term, we have quite a few seniors who have as few as 1 paper to give

not a surprise that some folks have left for a week long break at their respective homes: today as they have no more papers to appear for

Hi JingBangLot,

Papers begin from tommorrow. 2nd years are having helluva time managing padhai with so many extra-currics

With this post my 1 month sabbatical comes to an end.

And as far as football finals go,,we will see who wins the penalty shootout,, it will be second years for sure,, and for all the fuchhas, better luck next year:)

Hi JingBangLot,

the cs final was played today between section b and section a , a teams, weapons of mortal demise and spartans

though spartans were leading initially, wmd finally won the game
the players of the wmd team were
1 enlisted prodigy
2 delta
3 dare
4 slasherskirge
5 myth
6 morpheus
7 slasher skirge
8 baazigar

the spartan players were
1 octon - redefined killing
2 prodigy
3 count of monte cristo
4 vijay dinanath chauhan
5 v
6 against all odds
7 blitz
8 tamraj

after that there was a big celebration in the boys hostel and the pics were multied on ip too

hail cs!!

Hi Jing Bang Lot,

the freshers party was a fun filled frolic event on campus. the first years were asked to dress in a weird way. after that they introduced themselves in hindi in the audi

the cutest part was their dedications. each junior guy dedicated a song / dance to a senior girl and vice versa. we had a lot of fun as quite a lot of legs were pulled yesterday

well there was also a score being kept of hu got the max dedications. 2 girls and 1 guy in the second year got a scented candle each as they were the top scorers there

a junior managed to pull off beautifully a nagin dance on stage. it was quite a sight and she was given miss spontaneous ka title. our miss fresher was dressed like an alien and our mr fresher managed to impress all of us with a girly act

mr comedian went to a fuccha dressed as a joker and miss talent was given to a girl , whose singing has captivated our hearts

the eve ended with a good dinner

all in all ,, finally a nice sunday ,, after a long time!!


the details will come tommorrow after the services paper but the party was a big dhamaal:)

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sub.paras Says
Dolores Umbridge definitely studied at hogwarts because every wizard who is in ministry of magic studied there........... and i think she belong to slytherin because she was also proud of her pure blood thing..............

Ya this looks really logical, all her actions in the book are so pro-pure blood that its difficult to imagine that she cud be in any other house
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:smilecol:Hi JingBangLot,

9 chapters, Monday, 5:30 pm, Closed Book Paper:-(

I dont like closed book exams, it puts a lot of burden on my fast depleting grey cells. The junta here is busy preparing for the paper. Well 60 of us have opted for the paper and the other 60 is njoing itself to the core

I am so zonked ,,"What to do?":dontgeti: