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Hey guys..

Lalit here.. I am planning to write my GMAT in the first few months of 2011.

DOnt have much idea regarding it. ANybody around here in Bangalore so that we can help each others out and form a study group?



pls refrain from posting your email or contact, its against the forum rules

hey sabby !!
don't be heart-broke .....it happens
Even I scored 610 in first attempt.....but I concentrated on my mistakes and improved to 730
Just do thorough analysis...u'll be through

hey sabby !!
don't be heart-broke .....it happens
Even I scored 610 in first attempt.....but I concentrated on my mistakes and improved to 730
Just do thorough analysis...u'll be through

hey guy !!
does 'Upload Signature' mean scanned signature ?

Thanks Deepak, you're right.:cheers:

I just got done with analysis and these are the high level stats:

On quant, I had committed 19 mistakes: 13 of them are silly, 3 are tough questions to me, and I had a knowledge gap on 3 of them.

On verbal, I had committed 17 mistakes: Again 13 of them are silly ( Mostly SC and few CR), 3 are tough ( A long 4 para RC, while I correctly answered first question based on it , I fumbled on other three), and I am not sure about one of them. http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/gmat-critical-reasoning-discussions-25020700 Post 3287

My accuracy in descending order on verbal section : RC > CR > SC

While I solved OG as well, my weakness has been silly mistakes, both for quant and verbal, however the accuracy was far better.

How do I take it forward from here ? I will highly appreciate each and every suggestion by anyone of you.


Hardik !!
Jus kill the silly mistakes n see the magic probably it will inc ur score by 20
rest then u can focus on ur other weak areas.....take each step by step
In SC u cannot b equally weak in all areas....so jus find the killer(maybe modifiers or comparision or parallelism) ....hit it and raise ur score again :)
Believe "ITS EASIER SAID AND DONE":cheers:

ankit0411 !!

finish off ur GMAT by April so that u hv time to evaluate schol options and apply accordingly

ping me if u hv some specific queries


i'm also planning to join in Manhattan review in madhapur,but by seeing ur thread i thought let me take ur valuable inputs first.. I'm planning to take my GMAT in the month of June or July. This is the first time I'm doing my GMAT. Suggest me how to start my preparation and make it successful.

Thanks in advance.

gimme a call some time...i can detail u
Thanks a ton Anuj and Abhi. :clap:

Indeed, throughout the day I was also thinking the same. Having known myself for years, I know that it'll be difficult to catch up once I lose track.I am gonna go at least till week prior to the GMAT. I am back to my error log to analyze the issues with a low score !!


I think you got me: It was excessive amount of stress that skewed my score to the left. I haven't been so stressed ever. Not even when I had close down my Start Up. May be it stems from the fact that I have pinned all my hopes on the GMAT and successive MBA plans. Thinking about a back up plan once in a while helps a great deal.


Thanks for your offer to help over PM Don't worry, I am gonna bug you !!

This might be little off but I am just left with CR, RC, and AWA.

I originally planned to go through PowerScore CR Bible for CR, a couple of RCs from OG and 1000 RC and a few AWA topics from OG . Surprisingly, my RC accuracy is best amongst all type of verbal questions.

Do you think it sounds like a good plan even now ?

I am asking this because of two reasons :
1. PowerScore Bible is out of stock at almost all majot stores in Bangalore
2. I read somewhere that PowerScore consumes a great deal of time.

Any alternate suggestions ? How do you recommend MGMAT CR Guide? It seem to be in stock.


hey Hardik !!
do the analysis......THE ONLY KEY
I did like dat to travel 610 to 730:cheers:
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i am starting totally fresh for GMAT..I have just started working in an MNC ( work-ex hardly 4 months) as a software engineer. I plan to take up GMAT . Guys i need your help on this.

1)How much work ex should be minimum to give gmat or can i just do it with 1 year work ex?
2) how much time is required for a good preparation before taking the paper?
3) I prefer marketing so please help in doin some research on the colleges
4)When should the exam be taken..if i want to take admission by 2012
5) Last but not the least which all books/ materials should be consulted.
Please help me guys..:)

hey Ankit !!
take a break....don't speed too much
1) even ISB takes people with no experience......:wow: IT's TRUE all on ur profile
2) i wud suggest take a prep test and then start off.....seems like a cliche but to calculate journey time u shud know destination and also ORIGIN
3) Schools like Kellogg, Great lakes are famous for marketing but its a subjective topic......
4) take the exam wenevr u hv free time....considering u r wrkin
5) IF U TRUST ME.......only manhattan SC and OGs are enough
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Juz applyin POE
A: unnecessary wordy option since the 3 elements of the series can be expressed x,y and z, also "it" creates a PE
B: Best one
C: 'to buy' is missing
D: 'has been passed' doen't agree with 'will permit' in tense and also the error repeated from A
E: passive construction + error in D