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Hey guys wanted to know whether we have special accommodation facilities for married students .I know this is a fully residential program and if married couple are allowed to stay in campus then it's great.
Otherwise can such students arrange an accommodation outside the campus ?
Please provide pukka information !

Well puys this years senario is different than the previous years ,so all the waitlisted getting admission letter is difficult atleast for pgdm course.
One more thing, most of the waitlisted are freshers in 86 to 90 percentile range.
Since tapmi interview was the last to be held ,most of the desperate people have participated and if they get selected than they are not going to vacant there seat.

I think i am going to get groans for writing these observations ,but i couldn't stop myself from unloading these thoughts as i am also one of the waitlisted guy.

Question for 29/4/2010
If you were sanctioned an unending supply of cash for a week, subject to the stipulation that in whichever way you spend the cash, it should be useful for society, what are the three things would definitely do?

If I was given this power to spend unlimited amount of money ,than i would:
1 Start very big infrastructure projects. This will insure job creation for masses and in return give a boost to economy.
2 I will scrap all the non airconditioned buses running in every state and replace them with ac VOLVO coaches, so that people do not get tired while travelling and are able to perform their best when it matters.
3 Install 300 to 400 Nuclear power/other constant power generation plants so that no body faces power cuts in summers.
4 I will host OLYMPICS AND FORMULA ONE races in India , so that brand India gets a overhauling.
That is enough today.
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HI Everyone
I am waitlisted .
What are chances of getting admission letter in case you are waitlisted?
How many candidates are in waiting list ,as waitlist numbers are not provided it hard to predict my chances?

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We at MBA! decided it was enough making fun of MBA and II... I mean, MIIs for now. After all, 'tis the season to participate in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews (GDPI), isn't it? So from this week on (and until

very true , I have found all these type of characters in my gds. It is very amazing that we can stereotype participants in a gd and these cartoons really lightens up the mood.

Name:Kanwarjeet Singh
Xat %ile:94
City:(Native & Place of PI) Surat and interview at Mumbai
Stream of Graduation:: B E electronics and comm
Status (Convert/WL) : Converted

yes got my first convert , was wait listed 45 .
and i am happy , i am coming banglore

wow i have got a call from mica
never in my dreams i expected a call from mica after the exam.
what next puys how to convert this one

x 87
xii 83
btech ec 69

interview 8th april ahmedabad

HI puys , here goes my group discussion and interview.
XAT Percentile: 94.05
10th: 87%
12th: 82.6%
Graduation: 68.5% BE Electronics 2009
Work-Ex: Nill
Batch of Interview: 23 Feb ,YMCA Hotel MUMBAI at 1:45pm

The interview venue is near maratha mandir cinema hall , so if you want to give directions to taxi/auto, this landmark would come in
very handy. It is also very close to Mumbai central railway station.
There are 2 board rooms booked for the process, first floor board room for candidates to sit and the second floor hall for the gd and
pi process.

The process started at exactly 1:45, we were led to second floor interview room , names of candidates were arranged in reverse
alphabetical order and then divided into two groups of 6 students each.

GD Topic: Should government strengthen Indian rupee against US dollar
Each one of us had to speak for one minute or less clock wise, after that discussion started,it lasted for about ten minutes , the panel
then asked us to conclude ,now anti clock wise.
No body exactly understood the topic ,but were able to talk general consequences of appreciating rupee.

My Interview generally revolved around HR questions . Such as
they want to check how clear are you with you want to do .
Thankfully no technical questions for me.
The interview took 15 Min's and after than you are free .
that is it ,
ALL THE BEST to all puy's
Take no tensions ,just be yourself.


My first Call turned out to my first reject also .
anyways congratulations to all who have made it into this college.
i earnestly wanted to get into scmhrd but guess i will have to wait for the waitlists to be announced!
hey when is last day to pay fees? waiting list will come only after that!