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Got I20 yesterday, @raviteja the start date on I20 is 16 aug..

you can do it by wire transfer or check that is drawn on a US bank, I am not sure of the dd. Go to icici bank they will explain everything. I did it by wire transfer through one of my US frenz

I would joining Mason School of business...mostly...waiting for response from Eller College of Management, Arizona. I hope Eller gives me a response really soon. Last day of accepting the Mason offer is April 13.

Could you please let me knw how did u make the payment of non refundable tuition deposit ($1500)? I knw one way of doin it is by taking a DD & couriering it to the school.

me got mail saying they dispatched the pre arrival kit and I20 three days back

any one else joining mason other than raviteja ?

Who all are in for Mason 2014 ?

Did anyone got der I-20 ?
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Dinged without an interview today :(((

Do we get an admit letter through snail mail too ? I understand that we need to submit the financial certificates and deposit when we send the acceptance letter, should we send any other documents like transcripts because I just uploaded scanned copies in the application.

congrats! me too taking the offer but me from hyderabad


Got an admit for fall 2012 with 20k scholarship..will take it up most probably. Any one from bangalore?

kool ATB for the interviews..you should hear some thing with in a week max.

me from Hyderabad, yeah I will join mason if I dont get positive reply from carroll before march.. got rejects from other two schools I applied to. Dont wrry too much about the decision man just do some thing else to overcome your anxiety

Thank you dude. 16k for two years, an hour ago from Lois

Congrats mate....16k per year scho?

When did you received the mail and from whom I am still awaiting for my result

Guys I got an admit with 16k scholarship, I think I am gonna take this offer. Let me know who else is gonna join for sure.