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Hello All,

Indeed it was a decent first meet.Nice to have met fellow GMAT aspirants and know their views.It would be nice if few more can join especially seniors whose valuable inputs will be really helpful for us.

The following were the major points discussed in todays meet:

1) Basic preparation mode for GMAT.
2) An idea about various coaching institutes in Hyderabad--May me the rest can give some inputs regarding this issue.
3) Regarding basic Work ex. required.
4) Extra circular activities say NGO experience.May be the rest can give their inputs here.

I have created a GMAT study group_Hyderabad on facebook and sent invitation to all who met today.I will sort info net and keep pasting links their.

I hope some more will added to this group and we all can contribute for our common goal to prepare and perform well in this exam.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello all,Eat street is a nice place to meet.But, there is too much crowd and may be difficult to discuss things (My point of view...I am sorry, if anyone doest agree).Another place called "Kshetra" restaurant is there @ Lakdikapool, in the strret near Enadu office.Its a calm place to discuss things & easier to reach.Each one of us can spend on Cofee or tea and we can neatly discuss things.Its up to the rest to choose place among above two.Please message me, so that I can be in touch with all who are willing to come.So, Sunday morning 24th OCT 11Am @ Either :a) Eat street orb) Kshetra RestaurantWaiting for responses.Best Regards,Kalyan

I am not sure whether this meet has happened or not...but we can surely meet this sat / sun.Kindly confirm again :)


Can any one confirm if tommorows meet is going to happen or not.If yes, let me know how to recognise any one of you?waiting for your response.Kalyan

Count myself too.I am ready to come at Eatstreet @11 AM on 16th of this month.Just let me know how to reach any one of you !

Best Regards,

Hello Friends,

I am also preparing to write GMAT in next 3 months or so.I have gone through some information in this forum and would definitely like to meet you.Kindly let me know if there are any serious plans to meet in the coming week any time near Madhapur or at any other place of choice :)

Looking forward for valuable discussions!!

Best Regards,