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Here is my profile:
1.GMAT : Still to give
2.12: 63% (UP Board)
4 yrs of GAP between 12 and BTECH. Due to fimally problem not able to join any college. Just 2 yrs of B.SC between.
3.BTECH: 74%
4.EC:Organising event for my project and company level. Innvolves with NGO.
At college level part of organising comitte for Computer and cultural fest.

5.Work Experience: 3.6 yrs in IT infrastructure management. Working as specialist , have some onsite experience.

Should i invest my time and money for ISB or try something else. As you can look my profile is not very encouraging.
Please suggest me what to do. I want to do executive MBA (1 year). But very doubtful whether i will get any call?

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can we hope for getting any mail today...my pi was on 3rd... pune loc....
as of now noone from pune got the confirmation ... can we assume we r out... :(

@anupam No more mails going to come..It over dude!!!

Congrats to all who got admitted. :)

Did not received any mail means........hard luck this time.

Finally i am able to concentrate on work..rather than refreshing gmail.

How many guys are selected from Delhi?

sshekhar18 Says
refresh your mail guys .....

Kolkata is seems to be first!! it means they are sending mails daily but saying result will come in 10 days..

Shekhar ..you are from which background? IT or else
Date: February 22, 2012

Sudhanshu Shekhar
Application Login ID: IB00203662

Ref: Application No. IB00203662 for admission to the NIIT University -ICICI Bank MBA (Finance & Banking) Programme

Dear Sudhanshu,


We welcome you to the NIIT University ICICI Bank MBA (Finance & Banking) programme at NIIT University commencing on April 28, 2012. You have been selected for this MBA under the ICICI Business Leadership Programme. You will receive the Offer of Admission to the MBA (Finance & Banking) Programme from NIIT University in due course. The following paragraphs specify the terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) applicable to the ICICI Business Leadership Programme:

congrats man!!!
yup. i got a call from icici yesterday...
but i dont think we need to do any extrapolation of it.

What was your interview date? Did you filled supp. form by hand or printed copy.
monalhasti Says
No dude...I'm from Delhi n still no call...well on the other side my china se of getting in are very less so not soo much concerned about the result ;)))

Earlier i was hopeful but now its seems that chances are very less of getting final call. My intervw was not very exceptional it was just average. Let see.....
All the best to every one!

any one from Delhi got call?

Puys , this is my 1st post in this thread .
Just wanted to get it confirmed , NO results were out so far...Right?

Hopefully result will come today. Don't worry about those who claiming they have got the mail. Both have mentioned different date for commence of course. Which is very conflicting.

Some one please call HR and try to confirm these claims!!

ATB to all
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theja1986 Says
Boss nothing to mention that its from pune or delhi.Something is goin on and i think we are going to receive mails within a max of couple of days

The whole process is very messy..first they said result will come on Sun then Mon...Tue.....now Thurs..or after 7-10 days...what going on? I m unable to concentrate on work also have to decide contingency plan if got selected or if not selected.
Today is 21st , may be result come today after 10 pm. Lets pray for best