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@[288033:Toughluck2009] ...sirji i had mailed you my mail id but somehow i didnt get your materials..kindly send it to adityasingh087@gmail.com...THNX

@Toughluck2009 said:A small initiative from my side to help you all.A set of three ebooks which contains quality questions and concepts and can be read anywhere with the help of smartphones/Desktop/Laptop.
I All,
VA BOOK Contains
1)conceptual Articles on English Usage
2)conceptual Articles on Grammer
3)conceptual Articles on Reading Comprehension
4)GMAT SC Guide
5)GMAT RC With solution
6)Confusing words
7)25 VA Tests
8)200 quality VA questions from Testfunda
QA book contains
1)Articles from Totalgadha Site.
2) Concepts from Total concepts and Funda (Thread)
3) Concepts from TCY site
4)30 Sectional tests from Time and solutions
5)Last 10-12 year actual CAT Questions and solutions
6)Test Funda Tests
7)Some miscellaneous questions collected from various sources
DI/LR Book Contains:
1)Time DI/LR tests and solutions(60 Sets from time)
2)Test Funda DI/LR Questions and solutions(awesome sets from TF)
3) Actual CAT Questions and solutions(questions from 99 to 2008)
4) Miscellaneous sets and solutions(Solidgyan 50 sets,50 another sets)
Request by PM only. I repeat that the person should message me with his email id and I will mail him/her books. Please do not post email ids here,It is against pg rules.
Bhai toughluck I am trying to PM you my mail id but I just cant do it.......Actually i dont know how to Pm in new Pagalguy...Can you please let me know how can i just let you kanow my email di so that u can give it to me....Bt the way...the compilation which you have done is highly commendable....cheers.
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Hi Folks,

I recently completed my MBA and have TIME study material (incl. Quantitative Aptitude by R S Agarwal). Those of you who are based in Bangalore and are interested in this material may send me a message.


Hi ferrarimania,

I stay at kormangala , can u plz give me your TIME material it will be of great help for me. Kindly let me know if u can still give ? Just PM me then i can call you and take the materilal from you at your convenience.


Hi everyone,

Just came accross this awesome:biggrin: thread....Its great to see CAT enthusiasts coming together. Now lets start rocking this thread by having a solid study plan and sticking to it religiously.

Its a request to to vterans like seba sir to help us getting this done.
What say Puys???

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Hello Puys,

I have got CAT material of TIME institute. Anyone from Bangalore can contact me.


Hi mohit
It will be really helpful if you could give me the material as i need it badly. I stay at Koramangala NGV.If u could PM me your no , we can arrange a place to meet at weekends.

Thanks in advance..............

HI puys,

Can anuone give me the pdf of Quantum cat (arihant publications). It would be really helpful if anyone could pm it to me.guys plz help.

Thanks in advance :biggrin:

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I have these books. I am from bangalore. If you want any of them, drom me a PM.

1. KAPLAN GMAT Verbal Foundation
2. KAPLAN GMAT Premiere 2010
3. GMAT CAT Answers to Real Essay Questions
4. Official GMAT Review 11th ed.
5. Official Verbal Review
6. Princeton GMAT 2010

I stay at at Koramangala NGV. If You could give any of these books it would be of great help.Thnx in advance.

Hi all senior puys,

I am from bangalore and badly need study material of any coaching. I put up in Koramangala(NGV). If anybody acn do it it will be of greate helpi.

Thnx in advance.:)

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Hi everyone , Count me also in for the race of CAT 2012.
Currently I am working in Accenture Bang 7. Anybody from Bangalore Intersted in sharing his or her material, Kindly let me know(TIME preferred).

Tnx in advance.
Let the big game begin and ATB .