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Hope everyone had a Happy Holi. We sure did.

Your seniors are waiting! Don't worry, we don't always look this bad.

pallavi1984 Says
But how much can u study?? I mean 4 yrs cant be recalled n revised in weeks.. N what can you say if u dont know the answer to a technical question??

That's what I meant. No need to 'study'. Just have a working knowledge of what you did in your undergrad. If you have work-ex, you're not always expected to know everything u learnt. But you should be able to know the basics of your branch. The more the work-ex the more you may be quizzed on your work-ex. But again that is just a rule of thumb.

Moreover the number of questions which you cannot answer in the interview doesn't increase your chance of rejection. The selection is done after a holistic look at all aspects. So chill out and just give it your best shot.

All the best to all candidates.
See buddy u cant avoid that question.... just prepare one or worst case two subjects, which were ur favorites then, when they ask u can name one or both of them. imagine saying u had no favorite subject in ur engineering... that sounds weird...


Here's an insider tip. Even if you prepare a couple of subjects and let the prof know that those are your fav subjects, the prof is more than likely to ask nothing from that. I faced the same situation during my PI. so just be calm and ready to answer any questions. Also don't be afraid to say that you don't know the answer to a question if you don't.

If you try to "gas" your way through and you'll end up getting burned. And then, the profs will humour us with these stories in the HR class :wink:
I have been given 1.30 time slot at chennai, that means i need to report to admission office at 1.30PM only. Please let me know as i will be staying with my friend and not in the IIT hostel.

Keep in mind the notorious Chennai traffic. Also you will have to travel a long way inside from the main gate to reach the department. Ensure that you reach on time. All the best.
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McDonalds sundial ad

Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

Adidas Oliver Kahn ad

This is actually an old ad, for the WC06 in Germany.

Agency: TBWA\ Germany, Berlin

Sorry for the late update but I'll be joining IIT-Madras. Now I just hope that the DD has reached in time. rmbt, are there any extra docs required other than those mentioned in the call letter? eg. migration certi?

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the catchline goes like "sabka thanda ek hai"...which is quite ok...the underlying concept of unity in diversity is also ok to some extent, though it has already been overused in ads...
but the execution was pathetic...they could have had a scenario where no burping was involved...which i imagine, is not too difficult to compose...
all this ad does is highlight the socially unacceptable yet inevitable side effect of using their product...BURPING!

While burping is socially unacceptable in western cultures, it is quite acceptable in many other cultures including many parts of India, esp. in the middle and lower class. So I don't think Coca Cola was misguided in including this concept. And personally, I think that 'Sabka thanda ek' is one of the best catch lines ever thought up of. But Aamir Khan looks absolutely horrendous in the ad. He should have been one of the passengers.

One recent ad which I don't like and it still makes me laugh is the Emraan Hashmi ad about some pan masala or something. Gopaaaaalll... chaahe kuch bhi ho jaye. the jingle fits the climax of the ad, the hero expertly stealing the pan masala from a lady and jumping (with the bike) over a bridge. And he's smirking while waving the pan masala tin. Bhaisahab, aage dekho, agar aapko swimming nahi aata to aapki to baji...

Introduce yourself here, then browse through here. Currently the first page threads will full of the results, but go through the remaining pages as well and you'll get all information about when to start, how to start, which coaching class to attend, whether to attend a coaching class!

As for your current questions, you haven't written whether you work or not. Anyway, if you're aiming for CAT08, then start working on your basics - both Verbal and Quant. CAT is now evolving so rapidly that it is useless to follow any preconceived notions. Get your basic fundae right, and you'll have a better chance of giving the exam. Go through the Exam Resources section as well, and you will find many study materials there.

In my opinion, a person with proper basics and good confidence can do without a coaching institute as well. As I said before, the purpose of a coaching institute becomes irrelevant when there is no fixed paper pattern. But its entirely your call. at the least, join a test series of any institute.

Don't give CAT07 just for trying out. Give it your best shot and who knows it may save you a year.

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Thanks to all the people who kept updating this thread with the latest news about the fiasco between the government and the SC. I had been waiting for SJMSOM results, got kicked finally.

A special mention goes to prem_ravi who showed the dignity and resolve that everyone aims to achieve, but rarely does. All the best for the 8th, man and beyond that as well.


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yet another result out, yet another reject...... after what was by far the most amazing PI in all my PIs.

the disaster continues for me....:(

Me dinged as well. Not expecting any waitlist so I guess the journey this year ends here. :(

Congrats to all the call-getters, and thanks to the seniors for their help during the GD/PIs.