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Congratulations to all those selected to Welingkar!

Guys selected to Bangalore Campus, join the OFFICIAL group:

Visit us at: https://www.facebook.com/weschool.blr

can u plz provide me result link ?

Plz provide me link 4 result , m nt able 2 find it

Can ny1 plz provide me result link ? m nt able 2 see result

can anybody help me 4 dis ,
plz genuine reply or pm me

hve my gdpi 2mrw , frm where 2 get proforma I , can i take it from brochure , means can i tear it out 4m dere , plz reply , i dont hve tym ....

is proforma I to b submitd by oms candidates also , if i have voter id , pan card n birth certificate ? wont it b sufficient ? plzz reply .....

just_nishu4u Says
U have wrong info buddy!! Every1 who gets a call has to give it.........ATB :thumbsup:

Yeah ...eva i thought so but in lst yr's thread one of d senior had said so , dats y i was cnfrming d same !

is it true dat , those who have applied only for pgdm need not to give creativity test , is it only for those who have applied for e biz n biz design course ????

prathuparkar Says
gd pi registration started..................login & then register .............................

m nt able 2 regster date , m an oms student , it is written dat dates in red r nt available , bt al dates r written in red nly , cn sme1 help , plzzzz

I hve scored 225 in cmat rank 1450 , expctin 120+ in cet , being an OMS student , do u think dere z ny scope for PUMBA ?