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If the ratio of the first term to the second term ofthe sequence is equal to the ratio of the third term tothe fourth term of the sequence and it also known thatthe second term of the sequence is a prime number,then what is the sixth term of the sequence?A. 35B. 28C. 15D. 21E. 25@19rsb @harshit713 ...dont have OA

here t1/t2=t3/t4

and t2 is a prime no let be that be y and t1 be x so t1/t2=x/y
since t3/t4=t1/t2 so t3=x*k and t4= y*k
so we can say that t5 will be x*k2 and t6= y*k*k

so anwer will be a prime no * a square and only 28 fits into that=7*2*2
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What are my chances guys?
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:banghead:IIFT Gone,NMAT border case,SNAP no comments.

God knows what will happen.
:drinking:Started preparing for next year:-(

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:-(Heart Broken........Never Expected this was getting 42.XX in TF.
Huh Life goes on:-(

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