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Any reviews on Iron Man 2 or another review on Kites......
Wanna watch one of them this weekend

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
The combined placements for the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade's (IIFT) Delhi and Kolkata campuses concluded with 161 students of MBA (International Business) 2008-10 batch receiving jobs across 62 companies. Of the 1

@DevilishAngel Would like to comment on your view about SAP consultant to SAP consultant and how does it help an MBA in a technical role.....Look SAP if you research a bit is as functional a role as technical and i would say it is more functional, once you know the functional aspect then the technical aspects in SAP arent that a great deal cause everything is pretty much in the package....Being an MBA really really help in these kind of roles as you know all the business functions their interdependencies terminologies interfaces reports standards compliances and all that which you wouldnt have much clue being a non-MBA in that field. And again the same thing that dont skew your view with the role that one might be getting just out of MBA, am sure as time passes on it would be much higher and strategic as many people would term it....

My querry is regarding Cosmos bank trainee officers application. They have given email ids where we can apply through email but they have also given a downloadable pdf file. Am confused as to what we have to do - print the pdf file fill it and send it by snail mail to them(but they have not given any address where to send it) or apply on email. Kindly help ASAP.

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Might b a repeated query but cnt help it

cd anyone put the exhaustive list of
'things one shd bring while coming on 22nd june to the NITIE'

Dude you just forgot or something it is 18 june that we have to report on and classes start from 22 june

Well Well now when discussion on acads is going on here I am too a victim of my past(read acads) in this whole MBA entrance thing.
Did a reality check after the final converts were out of IIMs and check this

IIMB the average of final converts in 10 and 12 is in late 80s and graduation a little less than 80 itself.
Could not get hold off any reports for other IIMs or they do not publish the same i dont know. But looking at their calling criteria any score less than 75% in 10 and 12 will lead to almost no chances from IIMA, B and S. I and K gives no weightage to acads while calling but definitely in final converts. For L if you get a very good percentile and below average acads you can manage a call. In my interviews as well they would stick a rod down in your nose coz of your acads and it then becomes a defending game rather than an assertion and convincing game.

P.S. This is what i have personally found out and is my personal opinion.

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Metallosaurus Says
Studio is a tad costlier. Studio is more entertainment/multimedia based than Inspiron. Inspiron can't have a graphics card, Studio can have one.The choice is yours.

Just a correction here Dell has released a new version of Inspiron1545 which can have 4 GB of Ram and 256 MB ATI Raedon Graphics card It is available on their India site.

P.S. - Though it comes with 32 bit windows and 32 bit OS supporting 4GB of RAM is a contentious issue and I am not sure about that.

Hey All,

Dell is offering 4GB of RAM with windows vista home basic SP1 while i was purchasing an inspiron 1545 laptop. But i have heard and researched a bit on net that 32 bit vista can only use upto 3Gb of RAM. The dell salesperson is saying that it is compatible and working but my doubts are still there.
32-bit Windows Vista SP1 to Handle a Full 4 GB of RAM? - Yes and no! - Softpedia
Kindly help ASAP on the issue

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School: NITIE
Specialization: Operations/SCM and Systems

As the intake is only of engineers NITIE has an edge over these fields which have large technical interface

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ME heading to NITIE
It is a great feeling to be posting here........

CAT 98.80%
BE E&C; from Rajasthan University
Very poor acads :nono:
Great extra curris

Two years work ex in infy

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PG junta who attened Impressions -09 kindly post something about the meet - experiences and all........