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Add me too...i am planning to write in mid july..

I am Happy, relieved and excited. My month long sprint preparation came to an end today and it was a happy ending with a score of 740(Q 50, V 39).
I started my preparation by reading the Experience of a lot of test takes and I feel this does help a lot. So here goes my story J I hope I will be of help to someone else.
I had already taken CAT and missed the calls by a whisker for two consecutive years. Finally I decided I had enough work ex to try for schools abroad and decided to take the plunge.
I started with Spideys notes and Wrenen and Martin to brush up the basics for sentence correction for verbal. There were some breaks in between, I would study for some days and then get busy with something else. Finally I decided to set myself a target and booked the date for a month later.
I was very confused due to plethora of information as to where to begin from. Finally asking lot of people who had taken the test and reading posts of other test takers helped a great deal.
I finally started with Sumit Thakurs Verbal notes and they are great!!. Then I moved to Princeton review and Princeton review verbal workout. These books are good to start but are too easy too reply for actual prep.
Then I finally moved to Kaplan and did the Verbal part. Finally gave the diagnostic test and scored 660.
Then I moved to Kaplan Verbal workbook and it was great.
After this I started Kaplan 800 and this was the toughest book , but was really good and doing good in it gave me a lot of confidence.
After this I took Princeton Review Tests and scored 710,720 and 730.
I finally took GmatPrep1 and scored 740 and in GMATPrep2 I scored 720.
Now I had around a week left with me. I devoted this time to solving OG 11 and SC from OG10. From OG 11 also I did only verbal. I also spent a lot of time on scoretop.com and it was really helpful. Taking part in discussions is the best way to get solid concepts.
In a nut shell:
Books : OG 10 and OG 11
Kaplan Verbal Workbook
Kaplan 800
Princeton Review Verbal workout
Tests: Princeton Review(730,720,710)
Kaplan (650.630)
Gmat Prep (740,720)
On the D Day:
I reached there on time and it was all-smooth. I dint have breakfast so carried some almonds with me to eat between the breaks J May be they did the trick.
Wrote the essays for AWA section and took 10-minute break. Maths I gave more time to the initial few questions. It was tougher than what I expected, but still not too tough.
I finished just on time, as I was too slow initially. My mistake was that I should have gone fast on algebra and slow only on DS as I used to make mistakes only in DS.
At the end of maths I was confident that I had done well. But I think I made some mistakes, thats why a raw score of 50.
Finally verbal started with some easy SC questions, followed by CR and then a RC, which was a bit scary J. I was again slower than my usual speed. Managed to finish on time.
Finally I folded my hands and prayed and clicked on view score and was ecstatic to see what I wanted J
Incase you have any questions I would be glad to answer.
Thanks a lot to this forum and the wonderful people here, it has been a great source of info and I have benefited a lot form it.

Please tell me where to get Spideys notes .
CAT     Aimcat 616

Here my score..i came out of 30 mid range...

Section Attempted Correct Wrong Score
QA 19 15 4 13.67When i stop making silly mistakes
DI 14 13 1 12.67
EU 23 18 5 16.33
Total 56 46 10 42.67
HAppy Diwali
All the Best Dosto....for Aimcat17..Wish me luck to come in 50's..range:)

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Here we go...

1. Let take that the VIP line travel x miles when the policeman reaches the fromt, this implies he himself travelled x+20 metres. After he turned back now he travels x ms back (since he covers 20m net) and the line travels 20-x. If we take the speeds now..

x/(20+x) = (20-x)/x--> this equation is derived from above explaination.

Solving this we get xSquare = 200 -> x= 14.1 apprx.

Policeman travelled 20+2x-> 48.xx

2. 5:30

Let us take The Plow has covered 1 mile in first hour and 1/2 mile in the next hour.
Let us also consider that snowfall started at x minutes before 6:00.
So at the point when the plow started removing snow at 6:00 snow fall happened for x mins. And at the point when it ended in happened for x+60 mins.
Similarly for secend hour plow started at x+60 and ended at x+120.
I have attached a file which contains the figures for 1st hour and second hour.
Equating the areas of these 2 gives x=30.

Thats how I went about it. Hope it made some sense.

3. 10. Every one seem to have cracked it. I guess no solution needed (7-1, 7+1 ).

I could not get your explanation of question 1. please explain how you form the equation..." x/(20+x) = (20-x)/x--> this equation is derived from above explaination."
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Last Aimcats are always hard...it may cause a negative effect on the aspirant..some even suggest "who are in IIMs" not to give last Aimcats...
just focus on your preparations...

So take it eAsy...

All the Best:grab:

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arkuscaesar Says
Well Nakul, all that said and done I still feel that the TIME test series is far , far superior to the other test series..(even this years CL & IMS test series)

I agree with you...
Well i was a student of IMS test series last year...
I am a regular student of TIME ...joinned CL test series also...
In one statement I say "TIME is realistic and maintains standard"..

Anyway it depends upon person to person...
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Hi Puys,
Contender,orca,ananadv ..thats Good score..good
When will i score such good scores?
I have given MOcks MCT 1,2,3,4 but my performance in all the tests lies in between 40-43.
Now I am planning to write CRTS in the November first week and NO MOCKS
other than AIMCATS in october..Suggest me if i am wrong in my planning...like should i give at least one MOCK other than AIMCAT...
@Anandv-Just a query --TIME has given CRTS 4-10 in the Take Home Package..What about CRT1-3?

All the Best,

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CAT     Aimcat614
axterix Says
totally devasted .. after good progress over the past two aimcats this aimcat brought me down completely with a score in the mid 30's .. was disillusioned actually ended up doing a CRT in the evening to reassure myself that things aren't out of control .. i heard last year two the last 4 to 5 mocks were hellish and totally destroyed the confi of the junta .. if there only purpose for doing that is to make us go on an overdrive of studying well they have succeeded at least in my case .. After such a mock it takes at least a day to refocus ..in the coming weeks i am not gonna let these mocks effect me .. but just use them as a learning tool

Exactly same case here....
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CAT     Aimcat614

PG Meet.I missed it :-(
anandv when was it planned ?...is there any PG Meet in coming weekend..

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hey juvenile dude..
i'd seriously recommend a few eu classes...
u managed to make quite a few mistakes in the 2 or so sentences u wrote...
and anyway..like i mentioned in the beginning...this b the place for smart work not hard work...thats what gets me thru college n wht got me thru school...

Thanks buddy...you made me realised my mistakes.I will definitely work to improve...EU is really my weak area...:huh:..
All The Best buddy...
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