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@punters11 Normally 3-4 weeks are given. I got exactly 4 weeks.
@abhi.mech.v Which school you opting for mate...
^^Same here... I got an admit for Jan 2014.
(Had my interview on Feb 8th at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai)

@abhi.mech.v Is there any facebook group for RSM 2014 admits. If not shall we initiate one.

Would like to know more about the opportunities for an Indian post RSM MBA.(Specifically any difficulty apart from language barrier. I was given a feedback about learning or rather mastering Dutch)

I have another dilemma. I am thinking of applying to IE Spain and ESADE. However, my counselor is strictly against my thought. He is of the opinion that RSM is a better place to be(exposure, quality of education, value for money and opportunities) than colleges in Spain. Since, March 22nd is the last date to confirm for RSM, I am in a crisis situation. Guys please enlighten me.

@sankypat No mails yet... Status says "Application under process"
^^ I m yet to hear from Nanyang about acknowledgement, interview invitation or rejection, even after zillions of mails sent to them. This is so not professional.

So it is 12:00 AM now. That is 16th. So shall I believe that I have no hope. This is disheartening man.

Congrats mate :)

Sent them an inquiry mail 2 days back... No reply ):

Is it me or anyone else feel for the laid back attitude of this institute. 44 days since submission and no notification for acknowledgement leave aside interview. Lost hope and lost respect for this college :/

@kalpit0302 If they are coming to India, I assume they ll try to wrap up the interviews on one weekend. Unless, they plan to come again or go for skype interviews.

In short, if I ll get a call that has to be before 16th Feb. Looking forward for that.
(I am traveling on 15th and 16th of Feb and now I ll have to think about change of plans in case, I get a call)