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hi ppl

its a genuine request...can saurav2cool and saurabh let what ever the issue be to RIP.....it makes no sense to post and then groan on each other.

lets make the posts more useful for other PG junta to read.

if u still wanna carry on the issue. please use PM's

appreciate it


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Mandeep singh Says
Hi seniors. Is there any practice of RAGGING at IBS hyd. campus or hostel?

i never heard of it in any B school other than Simbi. but then i dont understand how wud a fresher doing his MBA in 2nd yr rag a guy who has come for his MBA after say 5 yrs of experience on job!! wont make sense wud it
any way all the best. hope at the end of the day all we have will be fun..
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karan101 Says
hi sanketh.can u tell me how strict is the attendance at icfai?is it calculated on a subject or daily basis.

dude that is a tough one.
normally the attendance is updated each day out here on the col intranet. and is done so for each subject. now i do remember reading a faculty notice sayig that a student not keeping more than 60% in attendance can be disallowed for internal evaluations, but the same was never practised. but having a notice like that very well means it can be used any time. but when it comes to exams they look for 75% in total.
how serious are they.....
well most in my batch have managed to try achive the required 75% but 4 students were not allowed to sit for exams and will have to repeat their semester.
the same happened with few seniors too, they were placed but then the coll refused to allow them sit for the final exams and they now have to repeat with us.

Its all cranky, i mean u never know when one guy at the top wud suddenly want to squeeze. and if one does, the others will concur. its easy to manage the attendance. a good rapport with the CR for proxies and some smartness will help. and attending the classes in real will help for sure ;-)
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hi everyone,seniors and fellow friends could anyone

-> tell whether the actual classes would be starting at hyderabad campus on 1st may?or the allotment of rooms and other formalities would occur.

->would they allow anyone to report a day prior to start of session.

->what all necessary items can be purchased at the campus.

->do they have just SBI ATM or others like ICICI as well.

please refer to the last 52 pages. each of ur queries has been replied. and am sure u will also get some more inputs before u put them here as questions
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if someone can plz help me with my query.
r we intimated when our drafts reach IBS hyderabad?or how can we find the status of our draft? tomorrow is the last day n i havent heard anything from the college regarding the draft.
plz help.
i have already mailed the draft details to the offical IBS admissions email id.:neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

they'll mail u a receipt of the same. but given the enormity of drafts that they wud receive, it wud take time. incase it doesnt they wud probably send u a reminder mail.
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i m not giving my ids any more n hv apologised prev too for it
kindly refer it n stop bugging
i hv um genuine queries

To niel

hey sincere apologies man
i was in some kinda hurry and forgot to get ur name out of that post. was actually stating that post for Manish to go thru.

didnt wanna BUG u in any way!!

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hello vivek
me to selected for the ibs hyd. regarding the placements at ibs they are fine and it much depends on the caliber of the student.
if you wish to join the thread of japiurites who selected for the ibs hyderabad you can join for better interaction.


Please take this as a warning. It has been earlier pointed out in the thread that no posting of mail id is allowed on the forums and PMs are to be used for the same. You incessantly come up with ur mail is in every post asking people to mail you! Is it so difficult to understand? A repeat may earn a a temporary suspension as you leave me no other choice.

get ur mail id out of that post.
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Thanks Sanketh,
I think most of it has been very clear. It is mentioned that 25% students in each campus will get this scholarship in our handbook also. But have they actually given scholarships in your batch for the top 25% population.


hey thanks for that post dude...the dean had asked me to make this clear and i totally forgot.

He said that ICFAI is such huge an institution that it cannot put wrong figures in written. coz if wrong they can be easily quoted by one and all and wud boil down to be an issue beyond imagination.
reagarding the sal pacakages that are quoted in the hand out, he said that the coll follows some system as followed by some rating agencies. so they are very clear on that.

i havent seen that hand book as yet but plz do let me know if they quote the CTC or Final package?? i mean do they have anything written there?

now for the scolarship, as i said they just cant write and not do it. even for ppl who get those scholarship before being here, they too have some performance levels to maintain. we never counted how many ppl go the scholarship, but am sure they are close to 25 %. else looking at my batch am sure no mistake wud have gone un noticed :-)

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hi seniors..
thi is the third time i am posting a question and no one seems to reply..
plz tell me s it compulsory to attend the preparatory classes caz my final yr exmas get over on the 15th and i need a break.. plz repl..

u post it for the 4th time and i wud still not reply even though i have time. I mean is it so hard for u to go thru the 50 pages before u put a repeated question??
go check the pages and u wud knw if it is necessary to attend the prep classes or not!!!


PS: dont mind dude but u need to do ur home work before u come up with such statements.

PPL TAKE NOTICE..for heaven sake read the previous posts man...why are some of u so restless.
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Hi Pallavi & Sanketh,
Just wanted to ask you'll regarding the CPGA. There are campus based scholarships of upto 3 lac based on certain conditions. How many people normally get these scholarships? How are these CPGA's calculated?

i love reply to this one coz i did it for 4 yrs in my engg :-)

here it goes will first tell u in general and then explain further with details

Now every subject has two componenets of evaluation
1. External
2. Internal

The internals wud include assignements, projects, presenatations, class tests...etc...they are awarded for a max marks of 50. please note that what u score in internals is not weighted down. your score out of 50 gets added as it is. Let this score be X

now ur externals are basically the end semester exams that you have. each subject is a 100 marks paper. with 30 marks for objective type and 70 for subjective.
what u score out of 100 is weighted down to get a score out of 50. let this score after being weighted down be Y

so your total score for any subject will be X+Y

now come to the subjects consider this

marketing mgmt-MM- (3)
ops mgmt-OM-(3)
finan mgmt-FM-(3)
org behav-OB-(3)

four out of the above 5 subjects have a grade point of 3. ie their weightage is 3. while IT has 2 grade points. will show u the relevance of grade points below.

generally the grade u get in each subject will follow a Sine curve. meaning very few A, fewer B, Mostly C, fewer D and very few E. each grade carries the following scores

A-10, B-8, C-6, D-4, E-2.

suppose u get the following grade in the subjects MM-A, OM-B, FM-A, OB-C, IT-B then your GPA will be

Sum of {(grade point of each sub)*(Grade score in each subject)}/ total grade points
so in this case it become


now ur cgpa is cumulative. ie it will be considered in the same way addin and taking a cumulative of ur GPA's in each semester.

hope that explains....
scholarship is awarded to 25% of the total number of students ....i think that was the figure quoted for us. u shud find the same in ur books. chekc them..and how many exactly wud depend on how many students u have in ur batch
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