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Am deepak from chennai
Here goes my acads
Xth 89.6
Xiith 94.1
BE (EEE) 78.4
Work ex with L&T; 22 months
My season this year is over with a
XIMB WL which is likely to convert. Had
XLRI BM call. Didnt get through after
what i thought was my best PI this
season.Dont know what went wrong.
Very disappointed after XL result :(
Now i am left with two options - XIMB
this year or another try next year. I felt
this year my CAT score(93) did not do
justice to my ability as i have never
scored below 95 in mocks and also
my XAT score (99.77) is indication of
that. Adding to this, last yr i had got
98.8%le.without prep andhadn't
applied to any coll cos i didn't expect
this much :(
At the same time with CAT being so
unpredictable i am worried what if the
same happens next year too.Plus
already i have 2 yr work ex with L&T;
and will have 3 by the time i give CAT
next yr . Also my current job is pretty
boring and i am clear i want to quit by
july ( my 2 yr bond ends then) . trying
for market research n consulting jobs
Also thinking of gmat. Too many
thoughts disturbing a troubled mind
Pls suggest me ur views. I know its A
personal.choice but would.like to get
as many views as.possible



hi.. hey try for CAT man ... see you cant spend rest of your life working as Engineer.. every year 10 million Engineers get churned out from every permutation and combination alphabets engineering colleges ... wats makes u stand apart from them is ur PG... an MBa from IIM or any tier 1 or tier 2 B schools will add edge to ur resume .. mind u nobody is gonna reinvent the wheel ..ppl speak R&D; is next thing yadda yadda talk..but nothing is greater than creating jobs for the masses which business does and mba helps ppl in that ... did i talk too much !!!!?????

Hi, Im willing to share my online CAT CL materials for year 2k12.. I have cleared CAT 2k11. joining IIMB.. I still have 18800 hrs in CAT MOD.. if u want i can share credentials Please PM ...

Any Chennai PPl who want the CAT materials Please PM me .....

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iimlover Says
no selling here...only donation.......................

Please forgive me

Sorry ... Please forgive me

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Hi, I would like to sell my Arunsharma book (QA edition

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Hi, I would like to sell my Arunsharma book
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT: Third Edition
How to Prepare for: Data Interpretation &: Logical Reasoning: for the CAT: Common Admission Test
Price is Rs 300 each.. .. Its a brand new book ... Interested please PM... I'm in Chennai .. Interested Please contact me ....

Also I have the Shakuntala devi books too Also Testfunda material ... Please contact me ...

Ok guys...It all comes down to one day...tommorrow history shall be made by some...some may experience joy ...many may experience heartburns too ;)..come what maybe ..CAT rocks.. learn one important thing CAT is not end of th road ....ATB to all

I have attempted only around 39 attempsts..seeing you guyss i feel i might not get Call....:(

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Background: I started my career in an IT firm (One of the big-3 in India) and I know that the work culture in Cognizant is only slightly different and depending on the project you end up in will be slightly better. I more recently post my MBA at HKUST worked in Mu Sigma for about 18 months and have earlier this year quit and joined another MNC in its Analytics Practice. You can read more about me at Randhir Hebbar Analytics Consultant Career and Startup Advisor or Randhir Hebbar Blogger & Analytics Consultant Entrepreneur

My recommendation: To any fresher or professionals with
The facts stated in earlier posts about lack of ethics among the management, average quality of managers being low and management going back on their word often and not respecting the employees is definitely true and I can get 100s of my colleagues and ex-colleagues to back me on this one. But one thing that is constant in Mu Sigma is change and hopefully by the time you all get in and join, good sense will prevail and all of the above negatives will get fixed.

Before I sign-off, one warning to anyone joining Mu Sigma is that you should be ready to face a tough work-situation (this is not for someone who gets pushed around easily), demanding & sometimes demeaning bosses and lots of hard work. But you will also get loads of learning, some great friends because you end up spending so much time at work and eventually experience of working on some good projects that make an impact on Fortune500 companies.

Short Reco: Join Mu Sigma if you are sure of cracking CAT, if not join Cognizant or any other IT co for sure.

Joine Cognizant...Cognizant has many PDP sessions..u get to do domain certifications in Insurance and BFS...these are the prized sector..U get to work with fortune500 clients in cognizant....there ae opportunities to do brainbench certifications in Cognizant.Company reimburses every certificate u get...
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