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Another PG meet in Pune...I'm in ..I'm coming...

Good work guys...


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Hi puys

I need your help regarding QA...I have notes from Career Forum but they seem to be easy in the difficulty level as compared to TIME or IMS..
can you suggest some good books for QA...

I'm weak in QA & have lost marks in QA in CAT 06..

Please help


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Hi mansee...

I too have the same timing..10.15am on 16th..
All the best...


hi puys,

Welingkar gdpi dates & the admit card is out..:)
The link to it as follows..

Welingkar Institute Of Management.

All the Best ot all...:)


Hi puys...

Had my GDPI yesterday.. Heres the detailed report..

Batch: - 210
Centre: - PUMBA
Time: - 4pm - 4.45pm

As I entered the centre, the lady at enquiry desk at the entrance guided me into a room..
After sometime, a person entered the room & called out names & roll no.. & Arranged us in an order that was to be followed throughout the entire GDPI procedure..

We were then send into another room where we were made to sit batch wise & were made to sign on an attendance sheet..
Later we were handed 3 forms that were to be filled.
1) Undertaking form (As given in annexure 4 in the brochure)
2) Form to be filled for work-ex. They specifically mentioned that work-ex after graduation & they said they preferred work-ex more than 1year.
Puys please do enquire abt the work-ex criteria & the requirements before u fill up the form.
3) Student profile form - to fill up academic details & certain question..
Do go through the form that Funky_iflex has uploaded. Its the same form..

If you cant complete filling up the form before u go for GD.dont fret. U do get some time before u go for PI after Ur GD to complete the form.

Then we were taken to the GD room: -
Panel of 3 people...We were again asked to sign on another attendence sheet..
Just 7 people were present out of 14 people from the batch:nervous:

Then came the instructions: -
1) You will be given 2 topics to choose from.. Choice of topic by majority rule..
2) Time for Gd - 20mins.. A bell will ring to remind u that final 5 mins are left..
3) After the choice of topic u will be given 2 mins to think & jot down ur points..

Puys please carry a sheet of blank paper with u.. They didnt provide us with the paper & some people ended up jotting points on the back of their admit card..
The panel noticed this & also made remarks on it..

Topics for GD: - Is dependence on computers good?
Should public sector be privatized?

As majority goes. The 1st topic was selected. It was almost a one sided GD that lasted for 17 mins

Later we were asked to wait until called for PI..

At the PI, was a panel of 2 people.. One them was a professor from PUMBA & the other person was a 2nd year student from PUMBA (Saw his ID card hanging in his pocket..);)

They started of with the typical question Describe yourself?
Later probed about my family background & asked about why I considered the qualities I mentioned as my weakness

Finally they asked about the logic that I had put into my answer about what should India do to become a Global power..

Thats it puys.. The PI was short & sweet..:-P
They work absolutely in time. The GDPI of the entire batch was completed in the stipulated time period. everyone from the batch was out by 4.45pm..

Just stay calm & cool..It will be smooth sailing thru the entire process
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Yuppie...I've a PG tee now..that says CERTIFIED PAGAL...I'm so happy... the tee totally describes me...

Thoroughly enjoyed the meet...Though I left a bit early..Got to know all the PG movers n shakers (Mahip,Govi,Ali,Profootbal,Grond,Jackal,Apurv,nikhilkulk....& many more..) at the meet...

Kudos to all puys....

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Hey..I too want the tee...
How do I get it.....

Let madness continue...

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Hey where are the gals :wow: :wow: ...Cant see any gals at the meet except me:satisfie: :satisfie:

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@ EndisBeer & NAwab

As writing an essay is one of the part of the GDPI process..What are the possible topics that could be expected??
Will the topics be based on current events or could be abstract too??
Could your please share few of the essay topics that were
included in last year's selection process

Kindly Guide me..

I'm coming guys..
Probably will get one more puy newbie with me...


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