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Congratulations Harsh. I am scurrying around for material on CR for practice. Can you provide me with some reference link or material.

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Even i had trouble getting hands on Kaplan books - I am in Bombay.. I pursuing for two months i finally got a pirated version with CD of Kaplan premier 2007

Hi Kunal,
Sorry Kunal. the P.S. was to intended for Amit but I goofed up.
BTW: Keya - I can't imagine anyone having a diagnostic test worse any than mine. I got a score that is no way related to my deeds:). My score in timed diagonistic test of IMS is 420 :(. Huh.....
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Hi Keya,

Thanks i lot. I managed to trace your post mentioning you education details and your approach and schedule for the exam.

I'll now have some idea as to how toppers prepare.

P.S.: Kunal, Business Analyst is the most abused world in IT. Get some idea on what a business analyst in your company does. I will give you some inputs on that - FYR my profile Male/IT(7 yrs), Manufacturing(1 yr)

Warm regards,

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Thanks a lot for the prompt response.

I tried searching for the links on methods used/ proposed by Keya and another PG psychoD but I failed to locate the exact post on which Ill get the details I requested for.

In case you can mail me the url to locate the above-mentioned post I shall feel obliged.

P.S.: - Honestly, Ive never been on blog or links and thus I might be facing tracing the post. Therefore, I request for your patience on my requests.

Warm regards,
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Hi Keya,
Congrats on the score.
After spending lots of years in IT I have decided to take GMAT.
There's a glass ceiling that one hits after some period. Thereafter, MBA plays a crucial role as for all aspirants aiming to move from cubicle to cabin.
And for some reason the missing MBA outlook (more than the certificate) has always haunted me.
Just like others, I too would like to do well 750+. I have planned to take test in last week of July i.e. next month which is about 7 weeks from now.
All I have done till date is join IMS in Bombay and completed 200 questions of OG with R.S. Agarwal in bits and pieces.
Owing to the shortage of time I would be obliged if you could update me with the kind of schedule to be followed by me. I am requesting for a template of it, nothing more.
And yes, I agree one shoe doesnt fit all. However, if I see a rough schedule that would help me in customizing it based on my weaknesses and strengths (if any).
Also please post the material and links that will help me.
I am registered on this site as jpb_santo and hope that this reaches you, and even more than that I hope I receive a reply back from you.
Warm regards
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Hi all,

I am jpb_santo (Santosh Kumar Singh) and by chance came onto this site and was simply attracted the the quality of content on it. It seemed to give me a feeling of being on college 'tapri' discussing exams with my friends.
I completed BE (Elec) in 1998 and currently working for Patni Computers. I am planning to appear for GMAT this year.
I hope that through interactions with you guys i would make it through:neutral:

I am pleased to be part of the community and we shall hence forth be associated.

I won't say bye as we'll always stay in tough hereon:)

So the journey begins!!