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Hi All,

I have my GDPI at Wellingkar on 26 May 4:00pm .

Is anything apart from the GDPI Call Letter needed ?Also at the end of the GDPI, we will be getting a copy of the signed GDPI Call Letter right ?

Please clarify


1] Only the call letter needed at the time of gdpi ... though you can carry your file just in case they ask you for some documents
2] Yes you will get your call letter back with the a stamp and signature
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One doubt regarding work-ex marks:

Is it mentioned anywhere that work-ex marks will be given only and only if u worked for INDIAN listed company??

I have 1 year work-ex with NASDAQ listed company...will i get 1 mark for same???

Dood send the documents even if it is a NASDAQ listed or any other stock exchange listed companies .... if u r lucky u mite get one mark, waise bhi most of us are not getting the letter in the required format ... so now everything depends on dte :poketoungeb:
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joelpinto007 Says
hi guys, the rules suggest that the original certificates need to be sent to SIMSREE for the WE marks. If we send the originals then how do we collect it back and when?

Only the experience letter required by DTE (in proforma -G) needs to be submitted in original (on the letterhead of the company). You have to submit the attested copies of the offer letter, joining letter, qualifying marksheets and relieving letter (if any)
workoholic Says
DO WE have to apply seperately for KJ Somaiya n Dalmia??

For K J Somaiya Gujarati Quota, u have to apply seperately .... check their website for updates
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repeat post


hi frnds..
got 99.93 in CET with a score of 151...
is seems i might just miss d bus 4 JB...
seniors,waiting 4 ur feedbacks..
thanx in advance..

buddy infact u have a very good chance of converting it, as the expected cut-offs are around 180-181, and in case u have 4/4 (PAR), u need arnd 26/34 in gd/pi which is very much possible
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That was a good post by Nishant. Just to add my 2 cents to it.

I think IMT has become popular due to the very reason pointed above. Everyone gives CAT becus of IIMs and then when they miss IIMs they get into IMT ... People dont usually give NMAT for the 1st or 2nd attempt and give it only after 2 years of trying for IIMs. Imagine if NMIMS would have been in CAT then its admission will also have been up among 97 %ile guys.

IMT G i think is going down due to increase in number of seats ... and NMIMS will go up as they have applied for accreditations. NMIMS is growing rapidly ..whereas IMT G is at its peak .. IMT G has already become popular due to its adm through CAT. (Just my view.. cant support it with facts)

Regarding NMIMS (fin) - I was told by one of my friend in NM, that all the companies that come to SPJAIN, did come to NM also ... (except Mckinsey, but that also dint offer a very good profile) ...
If you are from IIM A, B and C- u get entry into front end roles like investment banking, equity research, private equity etc ...All the fin companies that come to institutes from IIM-ILK to NMIMS (including all XL,MDI etc) they give the same back end profile (KPO) to engineers for the start with the same salary. So its all about the companies coming or not to a college. And as someone said in orkut comm also that all good fin companies like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Barclays all come to NM .. whereas you can see IMT G companies

here is the link to IMT G 2008 placements MBA Placement 2008 | IMT Ghaziabad

goelbhai 2 cents from my side too ...

1] there are many companies that come at spjain and not at NMIMS (TAS, TSMG and others) well at the same time nmims has its own advantage as far as certain companies are concerned

2] i would beg to differ on that, companies do offer good roles to students from colleges (except A.B and C) infact placements at IIMK has been a testimonial to this fact, u can chk out the profiles offered by PWC at IIM's (KLI) viz-a-viz other colleges. Aur bhi hai ....

but now lets come to the point, i am in no way saying nmims is not a good b-school, infact i am very much satisfied after converting it. let us face the fact, comparing nm, imt-g, sibm and ximb is a never ending debate .. and as rightly pointed out by someone, only an individual who has multiple calls (from these 4 colleges) and chooses one over the other can answer it, mebbe location is one such criteria.

and finally coming to the profiles offered, every b school has its pros and cons, now its up to us .. what we can do at a particular bschool .. we as students of nmims have a responsibility to make nmims comparable to the best b scools in india and we have to do it

ps: all these are my personal views
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hey guys wat abt the experience certificate ? ... during the time of gd/pi, i (and many others) had submitted the copies of offer letter + the latest salary slip, so shld we submit the same docs again ? ... or we have to take another exp certi frm the company

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one more query, i had filled the form and while taking the printout, the application form is showing the field of annual turnover of the company and no of employees as "zero", though i had filled both the data correctly while filling up the form ... strange :shocked: :sleepy: now shld i take the printout with both these fields as 0 and send it ?

i think we shld make a list of all possible p n c's of errors that we are getting while filling up the form and note it down in a seperate sticky thread so that next year aspirants are benefited

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