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sorry if i am being naive but how do you send a thank you note?...did you have mail ids of your interviewer or you just sent a note to ADCOM ?

I wonder if the Adcom is compiling the results now, as we speak!

On another note, how many of you sent thank you notes after the interview? Any opinions on its pros-cons???

I have not received this mail yet....please oh please tell me that it doesnot signify anything :-(

Reasons not to be paranoid:
1. Considering the fact that the last of interviews were on Nov 6, ISB, in all probability, would not have updated details of all admits as yet.
2. Even if they did, why would ISB send a mail telling about R2 deadlines when R1 folks can do absolutely nothing about it(irrespective of whether they are admitted or not)?

Do we really think ISB is sending cryptic messages hoping to get applicants into mass hysteria and paranoia... ? Naaahhh !

Btw, are there anyone who have not received the email with '20 days to go' as subject yet?
2 years in IT
2 years in a start up-Manufacturing

submitted for early R2 deadline of 31st October - with i/v as HYD. App number- 131684

wonder what such a huge number means ?

ISB seems to have continued with the application serial number from R1....That means that the number of applications in R1 is less than 1684 :shocked:
Congrats and All the best....Can you share your profile and also the date when you submitted your application.

Interview at Radisson Blu Dwarka at 9:30AM on 28th


Btech Computer Science - NIT (CG 8.18 )
4 years in Tata Consultancy Services.
3 years International Experience (PLM consulting)
GMAT 750/5.5

Submitted my app on 17th Aug.Got 2 interview invites earlier but asked for a reschedule on both occasions as I was not in India on the interview dates.

Good luck all you guys !!!

Finally accepted the interview date after 2 reschedules...Interview for Delhi location has started rolling in !!!!

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that's what I think but I don't see a problem with my math.

Total applicants 1800.
Selection ratio 8:5:1
Number called for interview = 1800 / 8 * 5 = 1125
Number selected = 1125 / 5 = 225

In order to select 350 people -
Number interviewed will be = 1750
Total applicants = 2800

With application number still running in 900s or early 1000s, I don't see 2800 reaching in 1 day. That will mean that there are around 1900-2000 guys like Reconadi who are giving final touches to their application. You think that is propable?

I would badly hope that the number of applications and total available seats determines the ratio and not otherwise
Unless ISB wants to put lot of guys in waiting list or goes into the session with empty seats(highly improbable)...
Since I have nothing better to do, I did math. :)

Out of 1800 applicants, 1125 will be called for interview and 225 will be selected taking into account 8:5:1 ratio for applicants:interview:select as given by Dr Menon but then this will leave a mojority of setas to be filled in R2.

Oh man! How pathetic am I? I wish irrelevant chit chat thread was going on.

Dont you think 225 figure is a bit low.With total admits in both rounds being 770...I hope they would atleast give admits to 350 guys in R1
Submitted my app yesterday (id: 130xxx). Lets see. Does anybody know when and if shortlisted candidates will be announced or will they be contacted directly for interview.?? ISB website mention only interview date and not shortlisted dates...
Anyway fingers crossed...

I think generally they will send you a mail a week before your interview date.I submitted my app on Aug end and got and interview invite in 2 days.Unfortunately I was not in India at that moment and asked for a reschedule.


Well I hope the expected figure for london round is atleast double of what you predicted

And i hope and pray that I feature in that list

As per the feedbacks from Delhi and Kolkata pattern is coming out as
After GD = approx 1/3 of Sort-listed Candidates
After Case Study = approx 1/3 of GD Sort-listed Candidates

So for Directors' round it comes around 10% of Sort-listed Candidates.

Final Numbers may look like :

Delhi : Sort-listed Candidates = 25 ; Selected for directors' round = 3

Calcutta : Sort-listed Candidates = 9 ; Selected for directors' round = 1

Location to be decided : Sort-listed Candidates = 5 ; expected for directors' round = 1

New Jersey : Sort-listed Candidates = 27 ; expected for directors' round = 3-4

London : Sort-listed Candidates = 15 ; expected for directors' round = 1-2

Mumbai : Sort-listed Candidates = 57 ; expected for directors' round = 5-7

Bangalore : Sort-listed Candidates = 23 ; expected for directors' round = 2-3

Overall : Sort-listed Candidates = 161 ; expected for directors' round = 16-21

Lets see how this prediction goes. Hope Actual exceeds predicted :-)

Hey guys any news from the Kolkata round?details like how many got through to case study round and how many to the director's interview round?