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Somebody pls help wit the exact link to find the application status

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Hey friends,

How does the online application wrk...Once we pay the fee we get the username/pswd ???
Pls reply ASAP ,or else ill get the form from IMS center tomorrow

You need to pay the stated amount within the given dates and book ur block your seat

Last year the waiting list was exhausted.

Thanks & Regards,
Monika Mane
SIMSR,Admission Committee

Hey Monika,

I went through last years PG thread,saw a 3rd WL being created since 1st two gt exhausted for PGDM(IB)...Can you tell me the size of 1st two WL for IB....Was it same as 180(WL1)/180(WL2) ???
Also any chance for me in PGDM(IB) WL:299
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Im in second WL of IB... First WL till 180 .....MY WL status:299

Any chances ...same query....till which WL number did convert last year for IB

ibi Says
no buffers. mostly no waitlist numbers.

Ohhh..No WL....So the 120 seats wount get filled normally???
Yeps i got selected,.. just got the mail...

CAT Score : 82.10
Time Of Mail : 2:46 PM 31 March 2012

X: 86.20
Btech CSE:83.78
WorkEx : 19 Month

I'd serously recommend u guys to call on 08028520809 and confirm the same.

Have you decided to join ? :)


CAT score:89
Worex:39 months IT
GD/PI:Bangalore 24th March 6PM slot

Joining: Waitin for other results. Will pay the initial installment

ATB to all...

ChinarWeFan Says
Guys, nowhere has it been specified that the deadline has been extended to 25th april.. Plzz its a rumour.. I had been 2 d insti.. d guys der insist its 31st March..!:nono:


Login to WE home page. Its showing the message "2yr PGDM application extended to april 25" .Today nly website gt updated
Yeah dates extended to 25th April 2012..........

Now will complete and send in the applications after 16th April

Hey friend ,

Is the subimission date extended or we can buy the application form till april 25th ??? Please help as I need to get the application form today then
Dear fellow puys,

could any one help me out!

XAT - 70.93
grad- ECE engg -64%

experience - 27 months in TCS

decent extracurriculars
what are my chances ???? pls reply

So many from TCS trying for MBA .... Your profile is very good....but cutoff I'm nt sure ...somewhr i read as a post from seniors that they dnt entertain ppl below 80% for PGDM......but do apply coz with 27 months wrkex u shld b able to fetch a call.......

Seniors may b in a better position to confirm