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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad's Two-Campus programme seems to be attracting more bad vibes than good. Students of IMT's full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses who spoke to

Umm...a bit OT. I have a rather strange problem. I won an inter B-School article writing contest held by IMT-G. I won it. It's been one month since they promised to send me my certificate. If they are so damned distracted by campus unrest, I am doomed to not receive what is due to me

I dint take into account the seats for courses other than PGDM, as I reckon that they will not come under PGDM.. As for IB, BFS and Healthcare, the course in itself has to get approved.. But for PGDM only the additional 60 seats require approval... that is wat I meant..

The management has been taking steps for the AICTE approval actively for sometime now. Worst come, without the AICTE approval, higher studies could be hampered, yes...
I believe GLIM and ISB offer their PGDM (or equivalent courses, whatever be their names!) without AICTE approvals. Why? Now comes the time for a paradigm shift for you guys: educationists (Prof.Yash Pal included) feel AICTE is not helping the education scene in India with its rigidity. So some B schools have gone their own way, without their approval.
I am not saying TAPMI may start classes without AICTE approval, but I just wanted to show you what educationists feel about AICTE approvals: it's red-tapism.
I Can't comment on the Manipal University angle, should the AICTE approvals get delayed...take your own decision on this.

Done with the interview. They said nothing about the Fees or anything. It was just a case analysis in the begining and then interview with extempore speech (pathetic for me).

Also the Director said the results would be out by May 1st week. They did not tell anything.

What would be the fees this time? Any idea seniors? And can you throw some light on the highest and the average salary for this placement season for TAPMI?

The current Academic Fee payable by admitted students for the 2-year PGDM programmes is Rs. 7,15,000/- inclusive of course material and academic resources. Hostel Fee is approximately Rs. 1,39,000/- for the two-year period. Monthly food bill is approximately Rs. 2,400/- per month.

Placement data is available on the college's website. Please do visit the site!
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I tried to keep it controlled...
Blimey, it looked that bad eh? Then I owe everyone an apology.

ofcourse I understand the pangs you guys are going though and have gone through for the entire phase and I respect the same.
Since you have put in your efforts, they will surely reap benefits and results. and I would admit that things are a lot easier said than done which is may be why I am being very quirky : )
There was no "line of attack" at all.

You have to understand that we have a lot riding on us : )
just like you have.

By the way, I have to admit that you guys have answered a lot of questions in a very unadulterated manner and been very truthful. I couldn't have been more hopeful of more straight0forward answers. I as an aspirant (and I am sure everyone who is reading all this) appreciates the same :)

and mberty bhai, point well taken :D
but please understand that I wasn't bitching about anything. I was just showing my appreciation albeit in a very annoying way but trust me all that I wrote was out of appreciation of a certain kind : )

We shoot straight. Make no mistake about it. And we certainly are open to questions.
But seeing you dictate terms made things go off rail..."do this", "do that", "i would do that"...This doesn't work anywhere.
Hope we have set the record straight here.

Mr.Devil, (never mind the 'angel' part!)

While you may ask out your queries freely, please remember it's all easier said than done. Please rethink your line of attack. It's getting us nowhere.
While you have the luxury to analyse stuff from home, please remember WE are dealing with real issues with some real efforts here, so that's covered. Trust me. After all, who would be more concerned about the institution than its own Management and its students? And with your line of querying, it irks people who have put in a lot of earnest efforts.
We appreciate your enthusiastic inputs but would advise you to concentrate on finishing the GD-PI season meritoriously.
Good luck!

Sir, I said "I am part of two start-ups" not the "sole proprietor" of the both and If i could manage a score of 96.37 in xat and ~95 in cat while being a part of 2 start-ups and working full-time in another job I can very well manage time. In my experience these are not un-heard of things and lesser mortals like me can sometimes pull off these things because of their love of a particular field.
To people who love their work, it seems like play to them :)
I am sure you understand this joy because you have associated yourself with a start-up.

But thank you for helping me with the lines "An MNC company might pick up 2 best candidates from a tier 2 college next door with 800 students than coming all the way to manipal. we cannot predict these things nor can we expect things to happen just because it is right".

I said what I did because it didn't specifically answer the query but just skirted around the question so I thought you must have mistook my question and hence I clarified the same with a reply which let you know what I wanted to know. The specifics of my work profile was given to give you a better context :)

I couldn't locate a flaw in my query and as a junior I would request you to just let me know where and if I faltered in my query or replies so that I can do better with myself.

At the same time, I would suggest against using sardonic satires for answering queries which are very well directed and precise. After all you aren't just answering me but a million other souls who look up to the college are online looking at the answers you present to aspirants who will decide to join or not join the institution basing on the answers you provide and of course in the temperament you do the same as well : )

All the best on your the start-up you joined and I hope you really grow with it. I shared about my story because I thought you could relate to it. Sorry if you felt bad about me sharing my thoughts and queries.

Thank You for taking your time off to answer the questions :)


You are being quite the devil aren't you? :)
These questions you have raised are very much macroscopic in nature. Like Balesh says, how are we to know why X, Y or Z companies don't recruit here? What we do know is we have our alumni in certain co.s who drive recruitments every year. Those are among our regular recruiters.
Other recruiters come here based on their business outlook for the financial year, and their requirements. So these are our 'variables'.

So now, where is this discussion leading to? The case of the recalcitrant recruiters, yes. Well why do some recruiters who come here, don't go to some other comparable campuses? I know some. Can't tell you why since I simply do not know.

For the record, the college has taken some actions as of March 2010 and restructured the placement committee based on feedback from recruiters and alumni. This move is expected to reap benefits, especially for the joining batch of 2010 with the benefits of the mentioned changes expected to take effect within 1-2 years. "Benefits" are to be read in terms of developing better relations with, and getting more recruiters on campus for placements. Hope that helps.
Apurv Pandit @Apurv
Distressed by rampant plagiarism in admission essays, USA's Smeal College of Business, Penn State University has decided to revoke the admission of one student and cancel six interviews. The common thread between them? T

@Delhi Ironic that you should misspell 'plagiarism' many times over in a forum discussing, well, plagiarism. This also brings to the fore the need which drove you to plagiarise your essays. What next? Have someone else attend and complete the graduate business degree from Smeal?

Apurv Pandit @Apurv
TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal reported having placed its 172-strong batch of 2010, with 60% of the recruiting (103 offers) driven by regularly visiting companies including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group,

@DEVILISHANGEL Allow me to rephrase my earlier sentence then..."Marketing is one of TAPMI's strong points" As you rightly point out, Finance specialists from TAPMI are indeed present in high places. The CFO of Dr.Reddy's labs, a senior leader at Grant Thornton...I can remember a few prominent alumni. Yeah. But come on, things aren't bad as you make it sound. We are confident going ahead. I don't see why there is a need to lament on a decline of any sort. The only perceptible setback was during the recession when placements were hit. If it's the rankings you talk about, most of the recruiters who come on campus are regulars who don't pay heed to annual ranking swings! So much for rankings...

Apurv Pandit @Apurv
TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal reported having placed its 172-strong batch of 2010, with 60% of the recruiting (103 offers) driven by regularly visiting companies including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group,

Viraj, I get your point. We also feel that TAPMI deserves more as an institution with strong basics in place. Anish, Mktg and HR are great here yes. Mktg is definitely our strongest point. But don't leave out on Ops, Finance and Systems. About your CAT percentile --> the CAT score carries some weightage in the overall scheme after GD/PI marks are out. So your overall score may be a bit low unless you can pull off a great GD/PI show.